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Trapped wind? Is it an endo symptom?

Hi Ladies

I seem to have developed another possible endo symptom this week and wondered if anyone else has had it? My stomach has been a bit off all week, odd bit of diarrhea (sorry!) and feeling nauseous. Then yesterday I had to walk further than normal from my car to work (1/4 mile) carrying heavy shopping and was wiped out when I got in. I felt terrible all day, only ate 1/2 a GF bagel all day, left 2 hours early and went home to bed. When I got up again I felt less tired, but still had a feeling of discomfort above my tummy and could only eat some porridge later on. I feel less tired today, but noticed the uncomfortable feeling again after I had my lunch. I have also found that when I sit down to wee, I break wind noisily (sorry TMI) which is unusual for me. I do suffer from bloating and have been trying not to have dairy milk or bread, but do tend to lapse at the weekend if I'm out and about. I'm on Prostap and HRT, which has stopped my normal endo pains for now. Anyone had any similar experiences?

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Yes both endo and also prostap can mess up the digestive system, and absolutely eating and drinking certain things will make the discomfort a whole load worse.

With endo I have to avoid all alcohol, caffeine, tea coffee, milky liquids, juices and everything fizzy or that causes extra gas in the gut. It just takes minutes from eating the wrong things and I am in lot of pain.

There are occasions when I have lapsed but I always regret it soon after.

Very plain diet for me, drinking water or vegetable soup only, and avoiding gassy foods liked baked beans, sprouts etc.

Try it for yourself, figure out what your own body can and cannot tolerate and then avoid all the bad stuff.

Most of us have found some things certainly cause us pain in the digestive tract more than others.

Just keep a diary of what you have eaten and wht reaction that causes and you'll soon figure out what you can eat safely.

Have a look at the endo diet too, because some of that is geared to pain relief and some things are to reduce oestrogen production.

Ask your GP to check if you are Gluten intolerant, and if not, then watch what you spread on sandwiches as reactions may be to spreads rather than breads.


Thanks Impatient. I am just starting to try the endo diet, I got Henrietta Norton's book last week. I'm hoping when I get my appointment with the Endo Centre that they will be able to offer me something other than either Prostap or a total hysterectomy, but in the meantime I'm trying to do what I can to help myself. My main problem is I really love food and work as a chef, so I can't escape it!


Yes I take buscopan and it settles it.


Oh, thanks, I'll give it a try


I'm so happy I'm not the only one who as this. It's a real pain in the bum


Heya I am completely the same, although instead of diarrhoea I get really bad constipation. It always seemed to happen after I eat as well, including bagels, and I always thought it was because I was intolerant to something before I was diagnosed. I cut out dairy and bread and pastry too but I still seemed just as bloated and swollen in my tummy. I only had my laparoscopy a week and a half ago though so haven't noticed any real change yet, but when my symptoms were bad I would get this horrible trapped wind pain all along my bowel but nothing would ever come out (wind or toilet wise). Sometimes the wind pain was so bad I would feel really faint and then that would onset my anxiety. I also suffer from really bad nausea after those foods just like you x


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