Trapped wind and bowl cramps

Hi all, has anyone else experienced problems with a lot of trapped wind with their endo?

I suffer terribly with very painful wind all over my stomach but mainly around my lower stomach which I sometimes can feel in my lower back.

Also, if I need to empty my bowels I know from intense cramping which sometimes has me curled up in agony. The postap helped this but the last 3 months of p rostap and since finishing its come back I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this?

Also when I exercise any form of jumping around I get aching and period type across my Lower stomach the past couple of months, I feel like I'm imagining this but it's definitely there!

Sorry for the long post x

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Hello, I had this terrible pain I also used to get the feeling I had pressure up bum like a brick was there I was the same as you rolling around on the floor in pain, I had a lap and I had a huge cyst on my bowel, have u been tested for endo of the bowel, trapped wind is a killer as we'll get that a lot xxx mefanamic acid tablets prom the dr worked every time with me

Thanks for replying, I didn't get tested for endo on the bowl during my lap I wonder of this could be an issue, the doctor tried to tell me I have constipation which I know isn't the case! Sometimes even when I empty my bowls I have that pressure and it feels like I'm not fully relieved. I have mefenic acid it's wonderful also windeeze helps but I am weary about relying on medication x

I also get these symptoms and other digestion problems. My Endo always forms on my left hand side Ovaries tubes and ligaments. The consultant previously said the endo on the ligament is likely cause of these symptoms for me. They didn't say they had found any endo on my bowel but I know this can be missed.

Thanks for replying, that's interesting to hear did they say why it causes digestive issues? It's just very uncomfortable and I can feel the trapped air moving in my body sometimes similar to the air after a lap but not as painful but if I lie on my stomach it's very uncomfortable x

I have terrible wind too and during my period it's very painful to empty my bowel. My lap last month showed endo on my bowel and significantly my colon so I think that's the cause of it for me. Hope you find something that gives you some relief x

I get terrible trapped wind for 2 days before my period.

I found that laying on my left hand side and bending legs helps to release the wind. Someone said this is the position you lay in for colonic irrigation too.... not that I've tried that though!

Hope you find some relief

Thanks for replying, yes when I'm lying in bed I lie like this also which helps! I'm just curious as to how many other endo sufferers have this problem also honestly I've googled endo and a problem thinking nothing would come up but endo seems to coincide with a lot of other health issues x

Hi I have these symptoms too and my tummy is bloated out I look around 8 month pregnant I'm inagony when my bowels move and also recently I have had blood in my stools sorry tmi

it's horrible isn't it! Did you see your doctor about the blood? I do have good days and I feel slim again but on the bad days I feel so bloated and horrible and like I've gained a stone over night! x

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