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Help!!! Acid Reflux, Heartburn and Nausea

Hi girls I'm looking for a bit of advice... For the last few days I've been feeling horrendous! I've been getting the usual cramping for Endo on both ovaries but in addition to this I've been feeling horrifically nauseous then last night I started with acid reflux and this morning heartburn.... This is all following an episode of diarrhoea on Sunday... What the heck is going on? I know that I have endo on my uterosacral ligament but could this be causing all of these symptoms??? This is almost a straight repeat of how I became ill in the first place 2 years ago and ended up discovering endo. I've had cameras down my throat to check for ulcars, I've had ultrasounds and MRIs to check my gall bladder all were normal so I know (or am pretty sure) this isn't caused by anything gastric... Can Endo cause these sorts of problems?

I'm just hanging on by a thread really as I have my surgery in 2 weeks. I had to take Monday and Tuesday off as sick leave... I'm seriously considering getting my GP to sign me off for the 2 weeks.

Can anyone help or tell me what you did for these problems?

Thanks xx

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Hi hunny, Sorry you have been feeling so poorly :( I have had gastro symptoms with my endo for a few years. I have had all cameras etc also, nothing was found apart from the endo on my bowel. The biggest help I have found is to take peppermint capsules daily. I also cut right back on bread and processed food in general. It has helped, not gone away but helped. Really hope you feel better soon, not long now til the op xx


Thank you for responding Adele! 😊 I've taken OTC mess for acid/Heartburn so let's see how that does... I'm sure it's all made worse because I've not been eating all that well recently. I hardly have an appetite although when I do eat it's all pretty healthy, I'm newly veggie and Lactose intolerant so I'm pretty much vegan too. I try not to eat processed foods because there is an awful lot of crap and hidden dairy/meat products in them. I'm just trying to last out these last few days until surgery and fingers crossed it will go away! I have actually forgotten what it feels like to not feel sick and that is so sad. I even had to cry off the evening of my wedding because of it... I lasted until 6:30!! 😊


That must be horrible for you :( I am also a vegetarian, but have been since 8 years old. Have you tried ginger or peppermint for the nausea? My friend had terrible morning sickness when having her baby and she got some ginger sweets you can suck on, think they were from a herbal shop. Really hope that the upcoming lap offers you some relief x


Yep, I have those (gin gins) I also slice up ginger and have it in boiled water fairly regularly. I survive the terrible nights using anti emetics that are normally reserved for cancer patients... I had a heck of a time getting them but finally my gastro Dr prescribed them. Thankfully I don't have to use them that often as I have other anti emetics that get me through the not so bad times... It's horrible living your life feeling sick.. I just have to carry on... I can't stay at home all of the time otherwise I'd become a hermit... It'd would then affect my mental health and that isn't good. Most evenings are spent feeling nauseous (varying degrees).

I'm really trying not to pin all of my hopes on this lap but in the same breath I need to have something to look forward to... Also I panic about post surgery... I am emetophobic... (Oh the irony!) So I REALLY REALLY don't want to vomit after surgery! Did you suffer after your bowel surgery?


We have so much in common it's weird! I also have a phobia of vomiting, didn't realise it had a name though. I haven't actually been sick for over 12 years, I will avoid it however I can. The hospital for my lap were great about it, I explained at my pre op assessment and they assured me they will do what they can to prevent it. Then on the day of op I explained to the anethitist and he said I would have anti sickness during my op and he would advise them in recovery. When I came round I panicked a bit as I felt icky, I told them and I was given more anti sickness. Then I was fine ! No sickness at all 😊 it was my biggest worry about the surgery! x


Hahahaha madness! It's comforting to know that other people have the same fears and worries. I do feel a bit better now I've eaten something... Toast and ginger tea... I have mentioned it to everyone (drs) that I have emetephobia and that I also take medication fairly regularly. I will remind them all again on the day of surgery. I have emailed my specialist nurse to see if she can offer any advice relating to how crappy I feel. Fingers crossed! surgery is creeping up quickly now!

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Hello! Really sorry to hear what you are going through :( yes, these symptoms all sound very familiar! I get diarrhoea and terrible nausea/ vomiting two days before my period and as well before ovulating. When you are bleeding from endo deposits, the blood outside of where it should be causes a massive reaction in the body hence vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea. When you are ovulating (according to my surgeon!) the endo deposits release an acidic solution which again totally disrupts the body causing stomach and bowel problems.

I take:

Ginger for the nausea (chop up fresh ginger In hot water and drink as a tea).

Bucchal for the nausea (can buy over the counter)

Peppermint capsules for stomach problems

Imodium two days before period and ovulation

Gaviscon for heartburn

I hope this helps and lots of good luck for the surgery xx


Thankfully I don't get the gastric problems with endo, but my husband has chronic heartburn and reflux, has had ulcers in the past. He finds a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water works wonders! Just thought it worth a share in case you want to try?

I would get signed off if you're this bad 😓


Thank you for responding. I suffer with daily nausea and control it with ginger (as you said) but also anti emetics from the GP. They used to be OTC but now are only available on prescription... For the way I take them prescription is cheaper anyway. I'm not sure if I'm even ovulating anymore as I'm birth control back to back to control the endo. I feel crappy all the time. Exhausted, painful upper abdo, pain in ovaries, nauseous and now Heartburn and Acid reflux join the party. Surely that is enough reason to be signed off work!? Why do I feel like I have to soldier on? Every night I travel home from work feeling like I'm going to fall over, I'm that tired and the nausea seems to ramp up on the journey home too so by time I get home all I feel like doing is coming into bed so I'm able to get up and do it all again the next day. I was signed off for 5 months in 2014 due to these symptoms and I guess I feel like I owe it to them to stay until the last minute before my surgery. My husband has just made me mint tea so I'm gonna go have that and see how I get on.

I'll see how the weekend goes and see how I feel on monday! I'll report back.

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend with no endo drama!


I think we all know that IBS symptoms are often seen in women with endo but IBS predominantly affects women in the general population due to its links with the hormones. The gut cells have oestrogen and progesterone receptors and, for reasons that are not understood, the gut is responsive to these hormones. Hormones are ultimately controlled by the brain and there are connections between the central nervous system and the enteric nervous system in the gut. An example might be when we are nervous, say before an interview, when we get butterflies in our stomach and may feel severely nauseas. For women with IBS (whether or not they have endo) their IBS symptoms are usually up and down with their hormone fluctuations. It is common for constipation and hard stools to occur during the second half of the cycle (luteal phase) when progesterone levels are high as progesterone slows intestinal transit. Then when the levels fall suddenly before a period there will often be sudden diarrhoea. Alternating constipation and diarrhoea is a typical pattern. Progesterone also protects against pain and inflammation by inhibiting production of prostaglandins (pro-inflammatory proteins) and the sudden withdrawal at the onset of a period is thought likely to be the cause of period pain. Add in endo and the situation is just exacerbation with its underlying hormone imbalance and increased prostaglandins. In addition to this you have endo on the uterosacral ligaments which are very close to the bowel and when you have local inflammation there from the endo your bowel will be irritated from that too. I assume that since endo on the ligaments must only be dealt with in a specialist centre you are being treated in one and are having thorough excision of all your endo. This should resolve the inflammation from endo on the ligaments and help with the hormone imbalance as it appears there is likely to be a highly complex communication going on between endometriotic cells and the endocrine system. I don't know if you have been tested for allergies and food intolerances but if not this might be a good idea after surgery so that you can eliminate any added culprits. Gluten can often be one. A1 casein in dairy products from the black and white cows that are used for mass dairy production have significant inflammatory properties so you might consider cutting that out - milk from Jersey cows is OK in moderation and milk from sheep and goats so you can still enjoy some dairy foods. Cut out all processed foods as the chemicals can overload the liver and affect oestrogen metabolism which can raise levels which in turn can affect immune system tolerances - endo is underpinned by abnormal immune/endocrine function. Candida Albicans (thrush) is common in endo sufferers and should be kept under control as this upsets the balance of good intestinal bacteria and has also been reported to exacerbate allergic reactions which are thought to be involved in the pathogenesis of endo so taking probiotics may be helpful. At the moment you are probably at the height of what endo can do in terms of disrupting your digestive system and I think there is hope for great improvement with thorough excision and a few dietary changes if you have not already made them. Wishing you the best of luck. xx


Thank you lindle! I am indeed being treated at a specialist centre that I found thanks to you! I know that I'm Lactose intolerant so avoid dairy in most cases and have 'Lactofree' products where available. I have just become vegetarian as I felt that meat was not helping my situation at all. Being vegetarian and unable to have dairy means that pretty much all of our meals are home cooked from scratch using real ingredients so not much processed food going in now at all! Whoop whoop go me! I tried cutting out wheat and gluten for 3 months and it didn't make a scrap of difference so my gastroentrologist said not to avoid it any more. I take a probiotic everyday along with a multivitamin that includes iron and B12. I feel that I'm doing everything I possibly can and nothing is working! I'm truely miserable and cannot wait for surgery!


It just shows that no matter what we do, endo is the boss. x


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