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Constant bleeding for years

Hi I've had severe endo for 6 years now but for the last 4 years I have been bleeding constantly everyday. I was given the mirena coil 3 years ago to try and stop it and I am now also taking the progesterone only pill cerazette alongside my coil but I'm still bleeding. Can anyone recommend anything to stop this or has anyone else been the same. I've had 3 laparoscopys and they haven't done anything. Although I have severe endo I'm really lucky and don't get hardly any pain so I never know if I have a period or not



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Hi,my sister had bleeding for over 6 months so she try depo injection first it was enough to stop the bleeding and after 2 month start to wore off so she is be given milinete the big dose I think 30mg and also is also some pills they gave her initially to stop it if you want me I can ask her but that ones are used as a emergency not for treatment .Now she is fine with the depo and millinete every day without a break.xx


That would be great if u can find out for me. Many thanks


I have an issue with constant bleeding if it isn't controlled hormonally, I take a contraceptive pill combined with a high dose of norithesterone. The side affects aren't very nice but it is better than the hassle of constant bleeding, I would mention this to your GP or specialist when you next see them.


Hi Laura,

I can totally sympathise with your bleeding problem!! Although I haven't had that problem for such a length of time, I did have a similar problem - had the Coil fitted at my 2nd lap (June this year) & just continued to bleed! Every time my endo flares up I start bleeding continually, but I use Norethisterone to stop it - my GP prescribes this for me. It takes around 3 days to kick in, but if you ensure you take it every day & don't miss a dose, then it most definitely works!

Your GP should be able to give you this - I would presume it would be ok together with the pill (I mean I had it alongside the Coil!), but sure they will have all the answers for you :-)

Hope you get some relief soon.. it's good that you have very little pain, but that bleeding sure can drag you down! xx


I have the coil too so hopefully the doc will prescribe the norethisterone along side my coil. Thanks


I had lots of bleeding a while ago. Been told nothing could be done cos it's my endo.my smear tests were all ok and repeats of the tests cos bleeding was still very bad and lasted forever. but once a smart doctor decided my cervix didn't look ok and did biopsy. It turned out I had a big big inflammation. I'm shocked when I think of the large number of skilled in the matter people that looked into me and no one ever saw anything. What do they do in the hospitals? What knowledge and skills do they have? God knows! Once it was healed all my problems with bleeding were gone.

All the best, I hope you will find the cause to your problem


I have read on the internet about the norethisterone but don't know much about it. How is is taken eg everyday and also what are the side effects



Sorry for a bit of a late reply, haven't been back on this post for a few days!

When I had Norethisterone it was 5mg 3x per day - and if you do get them, be warned, I used to find missing just 1 tablet would make a difference!

Hope that helps :-)

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Hi,sorry for the late reply.Is about norethisterone 5 mg but I have seen that other have mention already.Your GP will give that just to stop the bleeding and for my sister she has suggested to try the depo and I have said after 2 month she start to bleed again every day.She went back to Dr and she had Norethisterone for few days and Millinet 30 along with her injection.Dr said will be too much hormones but my sister insisted to have it and no side effects for her apart of hot flushes.She now take millinet every day with no break.

I think you have a different problem for your bleeding but first one mention should stop the bleeding anyway.Hope you sort it out.xx


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