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Constant Bleeding

I have suffered from irregular bleeding for years and subsequently have been put onto all different types of contraception pill and coils to combat this, without success. At the end of August I had an ovarian cyst removed and they found that I had endometriosis. They operated and removed what they could but now over 1 month on I am still constantly bleeding. I have now just received my first injection of Gonapeptyl to chemically bring on the menopause which fingers crossed will eradicate the bleeding but this has absolutely been taking over my life, especially as I am newly single. Has anyone else had constant bleeding as their symptom as most people I have spoken to experience pain but my pain was only sporadic.

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I didn't have constant bleeding but I had longer and heavier periods a year ago which went from 7 days to 16 days with the first 5 days soaking through tampons once everything 30 min to an hour. Sorry for the TMI.

My doctor thought it was a clotting disorder (I'm 17) since it came on all the sudden and I had had periods for about 8 years so she didn't think it was a hormonal imbalance, she gave me Naproxen (idk why). That didn't help so she put me on a high dose estrogen pill and I had 4 periods after that each 3 days apart and I developed a kidney stone. When I told her she wasn't confused she just said I had too much estrogen and it needed to regulate.

Then my periods after that were lighter but the problem was they became more painful each time I had a period after that pill (even those 4 ones) and then I each estrogen contraceptive aggravated the pain.

Have they checked your estrogen levels?

In my case I had too much and the pill added even more so my body was trying to balance itself out but then the pain got worse so I'm not sure if it's worth it adding more estrogen since it feeds the endo.


Thanks, I will check out my estrogen levels, my issue is not constant heavy bleeding but more heavy spotting. I have no real clue when my period is and some months I may have 2 proper periods and other months I may be bleeding the whole month.

Don't worry abut giving TMI, in my opinion that os what this site is for and the only way that we can all help each other. :)


I have constant spotting with Mirena (2 months post insertion) -and I had constant spotting with Cerazette (progesterone only pill). I'm hoping the spotting will stop soon because it's starting to annoy me :/


Janine, I know, you just feel like you can't get on with your life, I am constantly wishing I was 'Normal' like my female friends and just able to be spontaneous in having sex etc but it is constantly at the back of my mind. My doctor also prescribed norethisterone to eliminate the spotting but even these didn't work for me. Hopefully yours will stop soon. xx


Ive been spotting since April, I had 2 polyps removed from uterus but that has not solved anything. I had a lap in August from which they found extensive endo, but was told that isnt the cause of continuous bleeding... waiting to be referred to a different gyno. Its incredibly frustrating and have to constantly keep sanitary towels on me...


I'm really sorry to hear that nothing has changed, hopefully the 2nd gyno will have more answers. I know it isn't any comfort but I am relieved to find other people who have this problem as previously all I had read about was women experiencing pain, so I thought I was the only one.


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