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Mirena Coil fitted on the 2nd Dec...Still bleeding!?

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So like most people on here, I was diagnosed with Endo just 1 month after my 20th birthday through Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. The endo was removed during my surgery and the mirena coil was fitted at the same time. My gyne had suggested this was a good idea as I had been heavily bleeding since I stared my periods when I was 14. I had tried 4 different pills, tranexamic acid to thin my blood and the implant non of which have worked. Anyway, enough life story. I have had the mirena coil fitted for just over a month now and since leaving the hospital, I have yet to stop bleeding. Some days the bleeding will be enough to just wear a pad but other days it will be like a bad day on my period. Ive got my 6 week post op appt within the next few days but I'm worried I will have to re arrange due to my constant bleeding. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks guys x

12 Replies
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I'm feeling the same - really want it to help but still bleeding pretty continuously. I had mine fitted in early October. I was told that it can take up to 6 months to settle down though so am hanging in with it.

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I was told the same but I had the same effect with the implant and after 2 months I had it taken out, I just couldn't handle the mood swings and constant flow. At least now I know it isn't just me :)

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I had implant for 9months and bled for 8months! I had it taken out! How ever the coil works for me thank god!

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Hi! I had my merina fitted last April and it took 3 months before the bleeding stopped. It is worth hanging in there with it as it has helped. Don't rearrange your appointment, better to go along and have the opportunity to discuss your worries. Hope this helps XX

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Hi I'm 35,and was diagnosed 3 years ago after being on pill after pill over the years when I had lap I had mirena coil fitted it's not a quick fix I'm afraid but it's the best thing I ever did! It took months for mine to settle down so I really think it's quite early days for you, I have no periods at all now it's fab! I did have awful heavy periods before that lasted 7/8 days sometimes more. Of course not everything works for everyone but I hope yours does settle down

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Aww thanks guys, you've really made me more optimistic about the whole situation :) xx

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Hey Hun I had mirena put in after my 2nd lap and had mine taken out after 6weeks due to being in constant agony and really bad mood swings. But my mum had it put in and had bleeding for a few months and was fine so it's really up to whether u can stick with it xx good luck

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Hi,I am almost 6 months into my coil being fitted but I've made an appointment to have it removed as I've only had a Max of 14days without any bleeding or spotting.I'm gutted it hasn't worked for me and don't know what to do next.

Good luck with yours,you should give it a little more time to work as they can take months.


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Hi I had coil fitted on November and I too am still bleeding. I did visit my GP just before xmas who checked it was in right position, she did offer to put me onto a contraceptive pill to stop the bleeding as well as keeping the coil in but I decided I did not want any other meds. I saw my consultant today who asked me to bear with the bleeding as he stated that it can take up to six months to settle and assured me that it would be shrinking the endo so I am going to persevere for the time being x

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I had the mirena fitted last year following a lap that diagnosed stage 4 endo, kissing ovaries and cysts in both ovaries. I bleed for what seemed like ages maybe 3 months even (on and off) but I stuck with it and it did help with the pain eventually - try and hold on with it. I really think it helped me ;) x

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I had my Mirena fitted in July. I had a 8 day period in November but other than that I pretty much get 2 periods per month for about 10 days each. Having said that my last period finished on 28th December and this one started on 14th Jan so that was nearly normal.

I was in to see my gyno on Friday and he said it can take a long time to settle in some women. The way it works is by thinning your womb lining so you don't have anything to shed and that can take weeks for some women and nearly a year for others...

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Hi, I had a mirena fitted as I have endo too. I didn't have it fitted the same time as a lap. Have you checked you can feel the strings? As I didn't check and the mirena was lost. I found out a year later when I was still heavy bleeding and then found out I was pregnant. It was crazy at the time. I miscarried too :( xx

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