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Bleeding Question (sorry!)

Hi guys!

New one for me: I've had endo for years now and never had this before. Along with sickness dizziness etc Ive had unusual bleeding.

I didn't have a cycle for 42 days (longest ever) then I started spotting on 14th dec for a week then started heavily bleeding on 21st dec and haven't had a break or had it stop since and it's still really heavy :( it's been 21 days now :/

Anyone else experienced this?

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Argh that sounds awful! I sympathise. Years ago before my endo pain started, when I was about 15 I had a month long period. I also get dizziness and vomitting quite often with my period, which I think is quite normal with endometriosis. I hope it goes away soon!


Yeah I've been getting sickness and passing out lots :( thank you hopefully it's a one off!


How miserable for you. Please go speak to your GP. There are blood clotter drugs to try get this bleed to stop. Tranexamic Acid (they are monster size unfortunately) and you can only take them for 4 days max per period but they may be just what you need to finally get the uterus lining wounds to clot. Could also be worth getting checked out for anaemia after a lengthy bleed and top up the iron levels with tablets too, if that is an issue.

About the same age you are - my periods were strethcing out pushing 2 weeks duration most months. The tranexamic acid didn't always clot all the wounds that were bleeding each month, (sometimes I did get lucky) but they will work on some of them which helps.

Periods can go erratic for all sorts of reasons, ill health, emotional shocks, surgeries, ovarian cysts and so on. It may simply be a blip and you get back to normal in a month or two, or it could be par the course over several months ahead.

Having tranexamic acid to fall back on if your period gets to 7 days or more is certainly worth having in the medicine cabinet - but it isn't always possible to clot all the wounds in the short time frame you can only take them for. It's better than nothing though.

If there is any chance you could have been pregnant and lost te pregnancy early that might also be a possible explanation too. But if there is no chance of that, then may never know what caused the blip. Erratic periods are pretty common as we get on in years, and also messed about by endo and cysts too. If you do have endo then I would recommend taking steps to stop your periods either altogether (with mirena for example) or reduce the number you have in any one year by taking BC pills back to back, so you have some control over them -rather than them controlling your life.

Meanwhile speak to your Doc and get tablets to address the ongoing bleeding. It sure is a nuisance you can do without. Best of Luck.


Thanks for your reply :)

I have been to my GP several times recently and they've done nothing for me so have referred me to the specialist.

No chance of pregnancy but it is verrrrrry similar to a miscarriage I had 3 years ago.

I can't take birth control pills due to complications I had with an ectopic pregnancy :/


Yes, mine have been continuous bleeding since February 2009 :( Total nightmare, and none of the surgeries or treatments I have been on have stopped or changed it at all. I do hope you get sorted soon xx


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