Agonising cramps and bleeding

Hey! In September I had an investigated laparoscopy and the insertion of the mirena coil after endometriosis was removed. Since then I haven't stopped bleeding, I have offensive discharge and I am in severe pain. I've been to the doctors but they said they'll refuse to do anything until March but it's unbearable and I can't work and cope. Any advice? :'(

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  • Bless u I no how u feel , can u ask ur doctor for a scan? I had the same thing and pushed and pushed for s scan and I ended up with a infection in my womb and had the coil removed

  • I've had 2 internals where the gynaecologist said that I looked normal and that they won't do anything until at least March but I'm in absolutely crawling along the floor in pain! I've been to my GP and he said it is an awful way of living for an 18 year old. Many other doctors have said to prepare myself for the worst but no one will do anything! It's so infuriating and I constantly feel poorly! :(

  • Ur only 18 bless u can u take someone with u to the doctor and push to be seen

  • I will try and get my mum to push them more. They're just very stubborn and it's affected my school life in the past and my ability to keep up a job at the moment. Thanks for the advice :)

  • I whish I had someone that pushed for me they don't listen hope ur better soon xx

  • If you want the mirena removed it's your right they cannot refuse to do it and it says so in the Patient info leaflet. If you are thinking that's the cause i would make an appointment for its removal, you given it a good go.

  • Oh I didn't know that! They seemed to have missed that bit of information! Thanks that's really helpful :)

  • see the section "can I change my mind" . A gp or nurse can do it. you are an adult can withdraw your consent for the treatment and request the pill progestin instead, something else or decline treatment altoghether though of course it is wise to seek medical advice and ensure you are clear on the likely effect on your treatment and health. my surgeon told me that 60% find it helpful but that leaves 40% who find the side effects too severe. I have had a month of horrendous symptoms and came close to bailing on mine but things are now settling down.

  • I am thinking of having it out as it is really really bad. However my doctor and consultant said this was the last option apart from a hysterectomy which they of corse would refuse to do. I'm very depressed because of it all. It is a horrible way of living!

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