Medication opinions please. Has anyone been prescribed anything for excessive bleeding?

I'm at my wits end now. I've been bleeding for over a month now, I've no engergy from constant pain with a messed up sleep pattern, I feel sick faint and just a general mess. My doctor tried a course of tranexemic acid but that's not worked either and so theyre at a loss and have now said there's nothing they can do except keep me on the high doses of pain teleof and sign me off work for rest until I see the endo nurse. But the appointment is not for another 3 weeks. I just wondered if anyone's been given anything to help in this situation? I've been taking my combined pill non stop throughout this. I tri cycle them on the advice of my gynae after last lap but I've not had much luck to be honest. A mirena coil nor any other long term contraceptive is an options for me as we would like to start trying for a baby in the next year or so when we get our own home.

Any advice would be apreciated do much 💛

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  • Hey I had the same problem as you, tranexemic acid only reduces the bleeding. Have you tried norethisterone? That stops the bleeding, well it's supposed to. it only made mine minimal But was more bareable!! But then they put me on zoladex injections I did a 3 month stint just before Christmas and the bleeding and pain stopped for about 2 months before it got out my system over the new year whilst I was on holiday and the bleeding begun again. Surprise surprise. But I'm back on a 6 month stint of ot, only had my first injection soo far 2nd ones due this week so the bleeding wil stop very soon!! I can't wait!! It takes a while to work but when it does it's so blissful!! Hope you find something that works ☺️X

  • I've not tried anything else at all, the gp is at a loss lol! I've heard mixed reviews about zoladex but I wouldn't be surprised of the endo nurse brings up suggestions like that when I see her. It sounds like I may just have to wait and see her then, she would be the one to put me on the zoladex if we do go down that route. Thank you so much for your advice lovely :) xx

  • If not try norethisterone, it works for most. My dr said a lot of ladies take it if their due on over a holiday or something to prevent it. You could give it a go before your appointment atleast ☺️ X

  • I'll ask the doctor if I can try it on Wednesday when my next appointment is :) thankyou! Xx

  • Amy is currently struggling with very similar conditions, she tried the Zoladex for 3 months about a year ago, but still bled constantly throughout that swell, and the side effects quite severe, she takes the transexamic acid now and that helps a lot, and we are still to find a cure to stop the bleeding.

    Hope you get some respite soon.

  • Thanks for the reply, yeah the tranexamic didnt work for me sadly :/ it's really frustrating. Maybe the specialist nurse will have some answers fore and I'll just have to fight it out till then!

  • I have previously had trouble with heavy bleeding for long periods. I am now on the depo injection every 10 weeks, norethisterone daily and take tranexamic acid and ibuprofen when I start to cramp and know a bleed is coming. This has been the only thing to work so far for me.

  • It sounds like the norethisterone is a good thing for me to suggest to the gp for me to try. Hopefully it will work for me!

    thankyou x

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