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Mass in uterus? Fibroid?

Went back to consultant in October after just being so fed up, new kind of awful pain waking me in the night, bad flooding and general feeling rough.

I had to keep from rolling my eyes as he sent me for yet another ultrasound... feeling confident that, like every other time, it would show nothing abnormal.

Well, went back for results from consultant today and it appears I have a bulky uterus and large mass in my uterus which doesn't appear to be part of the endometrium/myometrium. It's 6cm x 5cm x 3cm or something so not tiny considering my uterus isn't an awful lot bigger (not had kids). I also have an enlarged right ovary but the consultant is more concerned about my uterus at the moment.

My consultant is reasonably alarmed. He took an endometrial biopsy during the consult under local although the amount of blood sitting in my uterus made it problematic and after about 6 pipelles full of old blood he called it enough and just hopes there is some tissue in there too.

He is pushing through a hysteroscopy. Under local though - has anyone had one under local? I've had one under GA but am nervous about it under local.

This mass is cavitatory and heterogenous in appearance.

Has anyone had anything like this? And what was it?

We talked through that it may be an endometrial cast (but doc feels this is unlikely), a very bizarre and huge polyp or a fibroid although he didn't seem convinced by any of the above.

I am trying to be sensible and not get too worried but I could tell just from how quickly he was getting things sorted that it could be something sinister as usually the NHS drag their feet. He wants all investigation done within 6 maximum so we can mak make a treatment plan.

I would be grateful of anyone's experiences with this sort of thing.

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So sorry you are dealing with this, it's great that all the tests are being done so promptly, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you,

Good luck and please keep us informed.



Thank you.

I just don't know whether to be really worried or not :-(


Look your going to worry that's normal, when is your next appointment, xx


Hysteroscopy Monday morning so long as I'm not flooding at that time. At least they aren't leaving me waiting hopefully they will be able to tell me more then x


So, today's the day. Dosed up on all the pain relief and not looking forward to it but hopefully it will be fine!


I see this is an older post from 6 months ago but no follow up. How did it go?


It went fine, was very painful I have to say. There's nothing like having water pumped into your uterus to make it cramp.

They found a large mass of clotted blood, and an endometrial biopsy came back with no abnormalities.

After this, I went back to see my consultant to find out what to do now as they still hadn't addressed the fact my uterus is bulky and one of my ovaries is enlarged, I saw a different consultant that was standing in for my usual one who proceeded to tell me that I was a perfectly healthy cycling young woman and should have a baby sooner rather than later as he doesn't want to see me in his fertility clinic and my body clock is ticking.

I am absolutely disgusted. He discharged me and I left. I am so fed up of these consultants that just don't care. He obviously didn't read my notes as I have endo so I'm not perfectly healthy, and also have all my organs on the wrong side so have been told by a geneticist to think very carefully before trying to conceive as my child could end up with a serious heart defect as a result.

I have since gone back to my own GP after being advised to consider coming off the depo-provera injection by the nurse and I am pleasantly surprised so far. She has a good working knowledge of endo and really listened to me. I explained about what was found at my investigations and said I was concerned about adeno due to the symptoms and bulky uterus and she suggests it often goes hand in hand with endo so I should assume I do have it and we should treat with that in mind.

Currently I am on depo-provera every 10-11 weeks and noresthisterone tablets in between along with taking tranexamic acid daily. She is changing me to double-dose desogestrol which she says does not have most of the negative side effects of the progesterone analogues I'm currently on (mainly weight gain). She wants me to start them a week before I would usually have my injection and then book in to see her a fortnight later to have a chat about how it is going.

So, I feel very lucky that my regular GP is well informed and seems genuinely to want to help me find a workable solution. And also very lucky that it wasn't a mass in my uterus, just a shed load of blood!


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