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Low testosterone levels and a bulky uterus - are they related?

Hi all - I posted a few days ago as I had a scan and a "bulky uterus with a fluid filled area (possible fibroid) was found in myometrium". I had blood tests done and they said I have low testosterone levels.

Excuse my ignorance - but does anyone know if my scan results could be connected in any way to this?

I'm in LOTS of pain at the moment as started my period yesterday. Painkillers aren't helping - I've got two heat packs on - one on front of my stomach and one on my lower back.... So much pain ! :(

Hope you ladies are not in too much pain. Thanks for taking time to read my post. X

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I don't know if it is related but very well could be. What painkillers are you taking? I find I need the stronger ones to have any form of effect but then I end up slurring my words, unable to drive and not being able to function at work. Not ideal! x

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Hi, thanks for the reply :)

I'm just trying to piece together a picture of what is happening to me and why?!?

I take solphadene max at mo as it's the only thing that takes the edge off the pain :( tried mefenemic acid etc and they just don't do anything ?! Everything hurting. !!! :(

What about you ? What works for you and the pain ? I'm open to suggestions for some relief :)


Very little seems to help! There's always chocolate 😉 haha my hot water bottle is literally my best friend! It doesn't touch the pain but im so used to it now It's just comforting. The not knowing what's going on inside gets to me too. Knowing there's something there, growing, but being unable to control it? 😐 Quite a lot to take really x

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Haha!!! Chocolate is a dear friend of mine too ;)

Yeah, hot water bottles or my new best friend - the adhesive heat patch - they just make it possible for me to move about and not be in a crying heap on the floor !:(

I know what you mean, you feel worse and worse - all the time wondering what's going on - but GP etc seem so uninformed on Endo and its traits.... Feel I have to read up or/and get advice from others now - not sure it will help me get sorted - but it does give me a sense of control- ish!! Take care x


You've hit the nail on the head...it seems GPs have little knowledge. Which only adds to the frustration. We are not making this up!! Yeah, you too x


Hi curlymum,,,,, I kinda can relate to what you are going through,, I was in pain for 7 years after my hysterectomy and they couldnt find the problems,,,,, I changed my diet,,, start eating vegetables fruits nuts and grains,,, I have extracted vegetable juices and fruit juices,,,,, I have Turmeric, Ginger, or Garlic tea with cayenne pepper.... trust me it works,

Pray that you will feel better soon.


Hi Marvalous,

Thanks for your reply - I shall try some of the things you have suggested :)

How are you now?



Hi please can I ask what syptoms you get with low testosterone? Are you considering taking testosterone.? I had endo and adenosine had hysterectomy last year and may be starting on testosterone with hrt next week??

Please try nefopam as pain relief it got me through!


Hi mixed spice :)

I didn't know I had low testosterone?! I'm not sure what symptoms are as I have loads - :)

GP hasn't said to have any testosterone as she doesn't want to give me any more problems?!

I am on waiting list for hysterectomy ( leaving ovaries in) as I've been told I have adenomyosis as well as severe endo ! Whoop whoop !!! NOT !!

Scared !! 😢

How have you found things?



I'm free of pain which is amazing however struggling with hrt. It's great you're managing to keep your ovaries as you won't need to go on hrt

Thanks for your reply xx


Hi please can you give me some advice - I have been reading comment about the injection decapeptyl it has frightened me - I went to hospital today to see gyni as I have serve endemetrosis - she said she can not do a hysterectomy until it this injection / she gave

Me the injection a leaflet and just said go back to the doctors in 4 weeks for the next one - I don't know what to expect - when it will start working - what I am also worried about is side affects that people have put on here about mood swings , hair loss - I don't want the next injection when will this one war off

Please advice

Thank you



Hi Laura 44 - I don't know anything about that injection I'm sorry. I have had to have all sorts of hormone treatment over the years - it's only the discovery of adenomyosis and the fact that I'm now 43 and have two children - that has lead to hysterectomy being recommended.

If you are feeling worried you need to speak to your doctor/consultant to get all the facts about your treatment and its plus and minus points. Only then can you make an informed decision about your health. Unfortunately it seems to be the norm for doctors to tell you to take some drug or another and not take the time to explain what is is and how it works etc.

Good luck with sorting it out. :) xx


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