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Fluid in Pouch of Douglas?


I found out yesterday that my last scan in March that showed adenomyoma in uterus and polycystic ovary also showed fluid in PoD. Is that an endo symptom?

This came to light after I saw my GP for left side ovary pain and nausea/sickness. He sent me to the gynae assessment unit at the local hospital and when they pulled my records they showed me the scan results. When I had a hard copy of them they were edited and this wasn't on there - why can the medical profession not give us the whole picture about our health?! I was in for 24 hours and they referred me forn an urgent scan but the ultrasound dept were too busy! The Consultant examined me and said as I have no sign of infection and my stomach was soft with no hard masses that she doesn't think it is a torsioned cyst so I could go home and wait for an outpatient scan and my appointment at the Endo Centre. I got the feeling if I had not appointment they would have done something but were glad not to have to!

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Hi there, I had something similar. After feeling sick for years, my new GP sent me for blood tests, something came back high so I was sent for a scan to check my ovaries. They found lots of cysts and also free fluid in my POD. The fluid is what got my a referral after ruling out it wasn't a pelvic inflammatory disease (it wasn't)

I had an internal exam and the doctor felt some abnormalities in that area. I was sent for surgery and had it on Saturday. They found endo in my womb, pelvic walls, and in my POD, I also had bowel adhesions.

From what I know, fluid in POD often seems to be endo, as thats the sort of place endo often gets to.

Good luck with your appointment, sounds like you are on the right track! I hope you are feeling well. K xx

Mindstorm in reply to kittyIM

Feeling sore - they really prod and poke. I have just read my discharge notes which says adnexal tenderness, cervical motion tenderness and cervical ectropion. Just Googled and it means I have sore ovaries, cervix and something weird on my cervix but not worrying. Would be nice if they explained these things!

I previously had adhesions removed but no endo found but that was by a general gynae 2 yrs ago.

I just need to make it to August 4th for the appointment. That includes as 12 night Vegas trip for which I am uninsured for anything abdominal because I dont have a diagnosis. Hoping that customs don't get funny about the Tramadol, CoCodamol, Ibuprofen and Naproxen I'll be taking through!

Hoping you feel better soon.

Just a heads up you will need a letter from your GP if travelling with prescription meds. Also just check its ok with the U.S. embassy and airline you are flying with. I had to do all of the above when traveling back to the UK from Oz with prescription meds but of course I contacted the Ozzie and UK embassy instead!

Best wishes, x

I've never had a letter before just taken things in the boxes with the prescription labels on them. They're going in hand luggage.

The report the hospital had printed we whole as it had references to liver/kidneys etc. when I was given the report to take to gynae I only had a snippet which mentioned the cysts and the adenomyosis. On the real report it mentioned the fluid under this, no indication as to quantity. I had the scan at the end of March and I have been on the pill constantly since feb so nothing menstrual. The Dr I saw was irritated that the scan referenced polycystic ovary but had no indication of number or size of cysts which means it will be hard to track if that situation is changing at all.

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