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Retroverted Uterus - Endo & Pregnancy

I had my lap in December 2015. I was shown photos and sent on my way happy as Larry being told I was clear of Endometriosis..

Despite still having my symptoms I started to believe that maybe it was just my body and the way my periods are..

Anyway, had my post op appointment today...

Complete shock.. My Gyn who I have been seeing since 2012 said that although there was no Endo found he deffo thinks I have it and that I should immediately start on these injections?!! My heart sank.. I actually cried to my mum and sister when I left the room!!

He told me that my lap confirmed a fully retroverted uterus and said that if I didn't want to try the injections or other treatments available that I should perhaps start thinking of planning my family.. Thank god me and my partner have been together for 6 years and have bought a house together etc so we are in a position to maybe try for a family..

However, I do have concerns about pregnancy and a retroverted uterus?? Surely this would cause complications with it being "glued" to my bowel? Would this cause back problems or problems with going to the loo (number 2's sorry tmi)? Has anyone got pregnant with a retroverted uterus and had any problems?? What was the birth like? Did you have to have a c-section? Also, how long did it take to get pregnant despite having retro version and Endo..

Apparently my ovaries are clear and everywhere else "appeared" to be clear but my Gyn says he is almost certain I have it and that another lap would be required (which I don't want as I'd be off work and just started a new job)...

So fed up of all this.. Just when I thought I'd got away from all this.. 😢😢😢😢

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Firstly are you under a bsge centre. If not get a refferal to one,

If you have a glued uterus which has caused it to be retroverted itsounds very much like endo, and if he didn't see any whilst in there I don't think he has looked very well, if you havnt read Lindle posts, please look her up,

I had a retroverted uterus and have had 3 successful pregnancy and natural births, painful but natural, my biggest baby was 9:12😠

The best advice I would give is get a good surgeon at a specialist centre

Good luck and if you have any questions fire away, someone will try to help xx


i too have a retroverted uterus. i had two successful pregnancies without any complications and both were natural births. babies were healthy size and yes labour was painful but normal!!!!

as tboag says might be worth getting a referral to a bsge centre for a second opinion x

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Despite years of mis diagnosis with heavy periods I to also had a retroverted uterus but was never given a reason why I had it. My smears were always difficult to obtain. I fell pregnant fine and I got to 36 weeks with my daughter and 38 weeks with my son . I had difficult pregnancies with hypertension and had to have them both induced. My daughter's birth was more difficult than my son's birth but I was poorly with very high bp in labour so I had to have an epidural. Being bedbound with a retroverted uterus was a bit more difficult. My son's birth was 6 hours and much easier as slightly more upright and able to sit out with monitoring.

I think I've always had endo but my symptoms were over looked. It was always the smear, womb biopsy route. No one ever considered endometrosis. Hence stage 4 severe disease diagnosis in theatre very poorly. But hey ho I may have no womb, ovaries, tubes or appendix but I survived and I have 2 great children. Good luck with your pregnancies. I always wanted children , 2 was my limit due to high risk pregnancies but I consider myself lucky ☺

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Hi Sophie

Sorry to hear your news, I think you are absolutely right to be concerned I had a similar experience to you I was found to have severely retroverted uterus and wide spread endometriosis. I was told the same to not wait if wanting more children and that I should start trying soon I was told that the retroverted uterus would not be a problem with pregnancy. I quickly became pregnant but at 12 weeks my scan revealed that the baby had died and I had to have an ERPC as my body didn't pass the baby naturally I then went on to have another 4 miscarriages, it took for me to kick up a lot of fuss before they would investigate why I kept losing my babies. They sent me to a specialist who carried out genetic testing ect which all came back normal and he didn't think that the endometriosis was the issue as I could always fall pregnant easily. He was however shocked at the advice I had been giving to try and get pregnant without surgery for my retroverted uterus and explained that the reason he believed I was losing the babies was due to the lack of blood being supplied to the baby due to where my uterus was sat. He suggested I had an operation called a ventrosuspension in which they suspend the uterus to your tummy wall, I'm not going to lie it's a very painful procedure and it takes around three months for your body to heal. And if I sneeze it can still cause pain 7 years later and exercise can be a challenge. However the positive was after the three months recover I was given the go ahead to try for another baby and I now have a beautiful little girl turning 6 very soon the pregnancy went well and I had a normal delivery. Hope this has helped best of luck x

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Hi there, I have a retroverted uterus . It was only mentioned in passing by one of the many nurses I came across in my fertility battle, but I never knew until this minute that it was related to my endo! I just though it was the way I was born! So now I know, Thank you.

This nurse had recommended a shoulder stand/lying with legs up a wall after sex to get things flowing in the right direction.

Anyway, Ive had endo for over 30 years, had 3 miscarriages (I actually suspect more) and only ever got pregnant after a laparoscapy. And when I wasn't trying or expecting it. This is very often the case. When we gave up it seemed to happen.

Eventually had my daughter 4 years ago but not conceived since and am scared to have another laparoscapy in case the pain returns. Thank goodness pregnancy seems to have relieved the pain.

I had a c section and was told it was because she was transverse (ie head not pointing down, ready for birth - instead she was lying crossways in my belly). I had had hypnobirthing with Paolo Bagnall to prepare for the birth, and even though it wasn't the dream water birth with soft music I hoped for, it was actually an upbeat and happy experience. I did feel for sad having been deprived of labour (you somehow feel you need to have the pain as a woman as a gift to your child), plus of course it took a few weeks to recover from the surgery, but my daughter is amazing and I do wish Id managed to have her earlier so I could have had more.

Every good wish to you




Hi , I just end wanted to say that you can be born with a retroverted uterus. So even if you don't have endo you could still have it. Although if you have endo that is probably the cause.



My mother, sister and I, all each have a retroverted uterus and have all fallen pregnant within a few months of trying and given birth naturally, without complications.

I'm awaiting a diagnostic lap to check for endo so I'm not sure whether it was an issue for me when I conceived and had my daughter or not...

Best wishes x


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