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Follow up appointment, desided on hysterectomy

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Just got back from seeing my consultant, he has confirmed that he found endo on uterus and ligament, uterus was some what twisted and caught up, so he freed it up, and confirmed adenomyosis,

He said I could opt for a tempary menapause, or go straight for hysterectomy, I don't want the injection as Ive heard bad stories and Goid, but don't see the point in putting off the hysterectomy, he said the uterus is clearly diseased, so as far as I can see it needs to come out,

I'm pleased with the outcome, but no so pleased about having to put up with these pains for the next three months, also he said a vaginal hysterectomy isn't possible as my uterus isn't coming down enough, and he will do it by key hole.

Can't wait to get my date through, bring it on!!!!

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good for you, were in the same boat then, waiting on the letter coming with our op dates. x

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Tboag in reply to dk1136

You awaiting a hysterectomy too,

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yeah saw the consultant 31st march and she said upto 18 weeks but it has to be done within the 18 weeks. x

I had my hysterectomy 10 weeks ago keyhole. Had both ovaries removed also. I had been suffering since I started my periods & I've just turned 40. I have 1 child & just knew it was the right thing to do.

The 1st 6 weeks were uncomfortable & painful but since then I have no regrets. I had the injections for 4 months prior & have only just started taking HRT.

My advice is to make sure you are as fit & strong as poss prior to the op as this will make a difference on your recovery. I've been back to the gym since week 7 but just getting back into it gradually & starting to feel back to my old self apart from no endo or adynomiosis pain. I have a couple of small scars on my tummy which are higher up than I thought they would be, not as low as lap scars & they have gone in the same place in my tummy button as previous laps.

Good luck! I hope you have as much success as I have had. I now can't wait for the night sweats & hot flushes to subside.

Take care.


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Hi Fiona, glad to hear your recovery went well, I'm starting to eat healthier as from today, but that's hard when in so much pain and bored stiff coz can't do much,

Can you tell me why your consultant decided to take your overies, mine are healthy so mu doc said leave them in, in 40 thins year, and he said I need them still for bone and other health issues?

Thanks for replying, I can't wait, 2/3 months then 6 weeks and I'll be back to me, fingers crossed


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fionat in reply to Tboag

He took my ovaries because my left was full of endo cysts & stuck to bladder & pelvic floor. Right was ok but has some endo & he said chances are I would have to have it removed within a few yrs so wanted it over & done with in 1 go. My mum had partial at 40 & had to have both ovaries removed 18 months later so I didn't want to go through that. I'm now on HRT because too young to have menopause & to protect my bones etc, but he kept me off anything for 2 months so if any endo left behind it had chance to die off. Still chance of it returning so they are keeping me on lowest HRT dose poss.

Fingers crossed for you. X

I am 8 weeks post op hyster and oophectomy I will start HRT in few weeks and can't wait the hot flushes a Are becoming so stressful for me. One Dr said to wait 3 months post op for her anpther said 6 months I don't think I would last another 3!!! Apart from that feeling good pain free :-) x

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