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I recently went to my dr to have a mirena coil fitted but she couldn't do it because my uterus cramped too much. She sent me for a scan and when I went back this week she scared the life out of me. The first thing she said was I have endometrial hyperplasia which 'could be pre cancerous' she also said my womb is longer than normal, about9/10 cm and there is a thickness at the top of my uterus which 'hopefully is just a polyp' I have to go to hospital for a biopsy and the appointment has come through for may. I'm hoping that the fact I wasn't booked til may means its non urgent and I don't have a high risk of cancer, but since leaving the doctor I can't stop thinking about it. She wasn't exactly reassuring. Does anyone else have experience if endometrial hyperplasia. And should I be worried? I'm 46

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  • Hello,

    I was diagnosed with Endometrial Hyperplasia in 2011. I would bleed heavily, have a period then not have one for months, I bloated up as if I were pregnant and I was just simply miserable. I'm 29 now! It's painful and can be very scary that's all I thought of daily as well. What it is, is your eggs don't release correctly, instead they stuck to the walls of your uterus an create a spider web affect! I would request one done sooner! Once you have a period the lining cm will decrease but will increase again! It's always worse around your period even if you don't have one. I had a laparoscopy with D&C done! I felt great for 8 months then it came back! You need to be put on a very low estrogen birth control pill to control it! You'll go through several surgeries maybe, but have you considered having a hysterectomy?

  • Thanks for that. I'm going back again to see my actual GP as the dr I saw isn't my normal one, to see if he can reassure me. Hysterectomy hasn't been mentioned but if the gynaecologist suggests it I will definitely just go for it and then hopefully problem solved. I hope your problems have gone now

  • Good! No, they're not gone. Endo is with you the rest of your life. You'll feel good for months an then a flare up comes. I wouldn't take any injections that'll through you in menopause if they suggest that! That's a temporary fix! Sometimes after having a hysterectomy you can still feel symptoms. I was told I couldn't have kids again due to this, I am now 5 months pregnant. I rejected all injections an only stuck with the low estrogen pill and the surgery! Hope everything goes well here's a number where you can learn all about it 1 (877) 980-7246! Good luck

  • Thanks and congratulations on the baby x

  • You're welcome and thank you! 😊

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