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Nervous about possible lap


I have my second appointment with gyni on Thursday and starting to feel extremely nervous and anxious about it!

The gyni put me on cerazette in October but I bled none stop for 4 weeks with extreme pain so went back to my GP who is sending me back to the gyni. Since then I think the cerazette had worked as I have had very minimal pain in weeks.

I'm now starting to completely doubt everything I've ever been through, I'm terrified of having a lap in the first instance, I have a massive fear of needles. But I'm also now scared in case I don't have endo and its all been in my head if that makes sense.

In a twisted sort of sense I wish I could have just a day of pains to reassure my mind that there is something wrong and I'm not just wasting everyone's time, has anyone else ever felt like this?

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Yes i think we all feel like this it's completely normal! I kept telling my mum 'what if I just have back ache?' 'what if I'm imagining it?' but we know our own bodies.

Look at it it this way no matter what the outcome is you will know if you do or don't and although it doesn't help your pain it will help your mind. It's that same old thing your in pain or your sick and the day you decide to go to the doctors your body decides to act normal, don't doubt yourself just take it as new information about your body you can then use to plan what is going to happen in the future x

Completely normal my love, I've had 14 laps and no they're not great but they are necessary. I would of loved to have a lap and be told I don't have endo. Look at it as a process of elimination rather than going in for diagnosis.

You will be fine either way, good luck x

I think every endo lady feels like this, possibly force of habit from years of accepting and brushing off serious symptoms. If the pill is working for you then that is great and your gynae will probably incorporate this into your treatment plan.

Re. Lap it's the only way to definitively diagnose endo. If nothing is there you will most likely be done as a day patient or at most will have 1 night in hospital. More info on laparoscopy and can be found on the endo resolved website - which is a fab resource. I was given the option of seeing a gynae in my late teens and refused as I didn't think I was that bad and quite frankly I was frightened/embarrassed. By 24 I had been bleeding every day for over a year, when they opened me up I was a stage 4 mess! Having a diagnosis for me was a massive relief, as even with everything I was going through I still was thinking 'maybe I'm just exaggerating and it's all in my head'. Now booked for 5th surgery.

Getting a diagnosis and having preventative treatment to reduce endo growth is key to managing the condition. If your doc thinks a lap is the best option for you I'd consider it and get some support around you to help with any anxiety/apprehension you have.

Good luck x

Gosh. I know exactly how you feel! I have my pre-op date for the new year, and I'm so nervous. I've never had surgery before, so it took me a good year to decide that I wanted to go ahead with the procedure.

I think it's completely normal to have doubts, but after it all, my deciding decision was how will I ever know if I don't just do it.

I wish you all the best and I hope you hear what you want to hear.

Take care,

K x

Yep, and this is very normal. Because you are on medication, your pain stopped and uou wonder if you all imagined it. You didnt.

It is very understanable that you feel anxious, this is very normal. I was extremely anxious and worried last year, but you do it, because you want to find out what is happening to you, not because you want to do it , but you need to.

You are nervous, because of the unknown, people who did my surgery were very friendly, compassionate and helpfull. They werent scary and quite lovely. Just let them know what your worries are and talk. They prob heard it all before and know that we are not having an op for fun.

I wish you all the best, good luck and it all will work out!


Everything your feeling I felt. All the doctors were telling me that I had pulled my back, periods are meant to be heavy and painful, I had a back X-ray for my back pain which showed nothing.

Finally they agreed to do a lap and pre surgery my consultant told me it was all in my head but he would do the lap anyway.... I was a mess before he said it but once out of surgery he apologised and also couldn't remove all of the endo.

I'm also afraid of needles, I told them at pre op that I was and they made sure pre surgery I had the numbing cream and then the spray just before I had the cannula. I think the worst part is the build up to surgery you don't know what to expect or how your going to feel but it will be worth it to know what you have and hopefully have it removed. Tell them your nervous as I did and they allowed my visitors to stay (the nurse told me they don't normally allow this on their ward, everywheres different).

My back pain still remains just as bad, I'm now still being told it's not endo and it's muscular which is ridiculous as it gets worse through the month. Good luck xx

I can only echo what has been said above, your treatment is working which is why the pain isn't there now that doesn't mean it wasn't there or won't be there again. You may find they don't push for a lap whilst your symptoms are managed but if they do its a good thing for you so they can see what's going on

I'm due to have a laproscopy in January which I was referred for when I went to see a gynaecologist beginning of this month. I've just come on my period and the pain I had compared to my last one has been very mild. I usually suffer horrendously but I'm not sure if it's because I started my pain relief as soon as I had a twinge this time. I'm like you now though, I'm thinking is it all in my head. Only real way of telling is looking inside I guess x

My gyni put me on cerazette in september, i had break through bleeding and terrible pain but then i'd have a few weeks where there was nothing at all, i wrote in my diary when i bled and when i had pain and showed her when i went back. She booked me in for a urgent lap and found i have mild-moderate endo and now waiting to see a endo specialist. Hope you get sorted xx


I was the same as you, in fact my gp had to put me on blood pressure medication a couple of weeks before my first 2 laps because I got myself so worked up. I have had 5 now and I'm much calmer these days. Although I do still have my needle phobia and for that I use EMLA cream. I have been using it for years now and it will be what the lady was given above. You can buy a box with dressings from;

Without it I do not know how I would cope with all the blood tests etc. I know we still have to deal with the fact we are having needles and I do still get very light-headed but because I can look away and pretend it isn't happening as I cannot feel anything it helps so much.

Victoria x

Not a doctor but i had suspected endo (not tested or confirmed) and going on micronor (a pop like cerazette) took my pain and pms symptoms away almost completely. Every dr I've talked to is surprised that it helps with cramps, so maybe its an endo thing?

Just remember it was never in your head.

This is exactly me right now! Honestly i know exactly how your feeling! It's rubbish but your not alone! I'm due for my lap! It was supposed to be on the 16th Dec but they have had a private paitent who gets to go Infront of me so I now annoyingly have to wait until Jan!!

I am also petrified of needles and have a phobia of being sick. I've been told by a lot of people to stress this to my doctor and nurses on the day and they can give you numbing cream for your hand so you don't feel the needle. Also they can give me anti sick med to help!

I would defiantly voice your concerns before the op. Do you know when it is yet? Xx

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