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I've just picked up a message from hospital to say can I go in on 23rd march but can't call back till Monday now to confirm. Anyway I've been taking herbal tonic to help reduce inflammation which seems to have eased my tummy pains although the pains on my hip and thigh is worse than ever and constant. So my question is do I stop taking the herbs as if its reducing it will that make it harder for the gyni to see any endo? I'm now panicking that they won't find anything and ill be back to square one! Is there anything I should be doing? Or not doing? Glad to finally hear something but feeling a bit panicky now! Any advice would be great I thought id be happy to hear something but just panicking now! Thanks

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Hi lillyflower, fantastic youve got a date and dont have long to wait now.I would pressume that you will be called in for a pre op assessment. You can tell the nurse waht youve been taking and take advice from them. I would hazzord a guess that your tonic hasnt made your endometriosis disappear as we all know it likes to keep us company!! Its brilliant that youve found something that has helped to ease your discomfort but i would stop panicking, they will surely pick up on your endo. Look forward to new beginnings and answers to your problems. Good luck J xx


Thanks for your reply went into a complete panic cause I couldn't call them. I was reading last night that you shouldn't take ibrubrufen or naproxen or any antiinflamitory for 2 weeks before so that's why I suddenly panicked that if there's no swelling maybe they'll miss it! Like you say though if its there it doesn't just disappear so I'm sure I'm just having a panicky wobble! I will tell the doc when I go just to make sure. Thanks I'm definitely holding on to the thought of answers and new beginnings so thanks for your message I really appreciate knowing I can reach out on here when I'm having a panic or just bad day! Thanks x


Hi lillyflower,

So pleased you've got a date.

I totally understand where you're coming from re what they might find or not, but a lap seems to be the best way to get any answers so it's a positive thing because if it's endo, at least you'll know, if it's not then they can hopefully see what it is and you'll have a solution afterwards.



Hi thanks, I've been moaning about wanting it asap as I'm desperate for answers but just had a panic doesn't help that I can't call till Monday and last op I had was a laparotomy but should have only been done by lap so had a slight melt down but have had hot bath and lots of deep breaths and feeling a bit calmer. Been telling myself to stop panicking as its what I want but still a little scarey! Think I'm just over thinking things and really I should be happy to finally have a date. Just don't want to do anything that will stop them finding anything! I think I'm more worried of not getting answers after all these months of waiting. I'm sure ill wake up feeling more positive and hopefully not too much pain so I can do lots of work before next week. Thanks for your reply xx


Hi there,

Totally understand where you're coming from, I think I'll feel exactly the same when I get my date. Worried because it's happening, worried because I'm worrying nothing will be found or what will be found.

Really glad you've managed to speak today and will get some answers tomorrow to help you feel a little more at ease.



I was on my painkillers till the day before surgery, Couldn't have coped without them.

You could try phoning the gynae ward, they are staffed over the weekend and it's usually the ward that will look after you post op, and their senior staff certainly can give you advice. They have to be open. Sadly women miscarry and have still births and bleeds and gynae emergencies 24 hrs a day, so there will be some expert advice available from the gynae ward staff too, even at weekends.

Most of the scheduled ops happen on week days but they do get out of hours and weekend cases too. And some midweek ops patients have to stay in for several days even over weekends.

It's great that you got a short notice appointment through. The sooner the better with suspect endo.


Hi thanks impatient I hadn't thought of that, thanks for the advice may just check with them tomorrow then. I was thinking I might not cope without pain relief so was hoping it was ok. I'm on codeine when its bad with neurofen along with herbal tonic every day so I want to carry on with this so I can get all my work ahead before the op. Will be a busy week so need to feel good! Thanks for the info x and yes sooner the better as it all just seems to be getting worse each month x looking forward to answers soon !


Hi Lillyflower

Sorry I haven't really got anything more to add that the others haven't already said.

However I just wanted to say That's great you have got an appointment for a lap! So chuffed for you! Hope you get the answers to your query before the lap.

Best wishes x


Just spoke to hospital, I'm booked in Saturday morning and will have pre op assessment tomorrow so will be able to discuss everything then! It's such a relief to have a date at last and I'm nervous about what they may find but looking forward to getting answers soon. I can't lie though my tummy has butterfly nerves today but will be glad to finally get it done!


Really pleased for u that you now have a date for the lap.

Hope all goes ok at the pre op assessment for you tomorrow and they manage to answer all your questions and help ease your worries a little. Don't blame you feeling nervous, I would be too, But like u say be great to finally have some answers.

Let us know how it all went. But of course only if u want to and have the strength to after the lap!

Hugs and best wishes x


Hi komeara

Thanks that's exactly right a little worried about everything but focousing on finally getting answers for all these pains!! Thanks xx


Hi all quick update I spoke to my accupuncturist and the herbal tonic which helps reduce inflammation of blood also thins your blood so you have to stop taking it 5 days before. Luckily I'd not taken any since Sunday so that's fine. I just thought I'd share this incase anyone else was wandering!

And thanks for all your messages and yes I'm sure ill be updating you as soon as its over! Or maybe before if I start freaking out! Just moments of panic with too many wedding dresses to finish first! Thanks all for your thoughts and support x


Hi Lillyflower,

I just wanted to wish you good luck for your lap. I hope everything will go ok and you will get the answers you need.


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