Lap done yesterday

Hi all, had lap done yesterday and they found 2 patches of endometriosis at the back of my uterus, my bowel was attached to adhesions and I had a right paratubal cyst. They removed everything and now have got to take Cerazette for 6 months until I see gynae again. Am very sore today in the 3 wound sites. Haven't had much wind pain thank goodness. In more pain today than I was yesterday but think it's because the anaesthetic has worn off now. So pleased to have a diagnosis at last, and know I'm not mad.

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  • Hi, sounds silly congratulating someone on finding out they have endo, but I'm going to any way, I'm due my lap 21st march and am more worried that they don't find anything, wishing you a speady recovery, is strictly

  • No idea what its strictly came from lol.

  • Im pleased you have results.... It really does make you feel relief when you get diagnosed. Take it easy and rest lots. Im 14days post lapo and finally feel myswlf again with all the endo gone.xx

  • Thank you ladies. Yes it's great having a diagnosis at last because now I know all the pain I've been having was for a good reason. In lots of pain today and didn't sleep very well so hopefully can sleep today. Good luck with your lap on the 21st Tboag x x Glad to hear your feeling better after your lap pixie215 x x

  • I feel ur pain. Around this time last year I was preparing to have my second lap. Second time round was more painful let me out of hospital way too early I couldn't move on my own for days! I too have endo patches along with a fibroid and cysts they also had my bowel attached to adeshions. Any way recovered well I took cerezette for 3 months after my doctor told me I was too fat to be taking the pill I could get blood clots I stopped altogether taking anything after 3 months or more I started having pain again down below so I went back to my endo clinic and the nurse was absolutely fuming that the doctor told me I was too fat for pill. She sent me away again to do another 6 months course of cerezette I go back in June i pray I'm ok im desperate to have children im 33 soon. Good luck!! Wish a speedy recovery xx

  • Thanks Bimbo82. Did you have trouble going to the loo number 2 for a few days after op? Sorry to ask lol but I haven't been yet and feeling bloated. I think if I could go I would feel a bit better x x

  • I'm not a regular person so thankfully I didn't go for few days. Tbh there was no way I could push to go so had some lactulose to loosen my stools to make it bareable. If you have only just had the op u will feel bloated as they pumped air in u during op maybe a good pass of wind will relieve u xx

  • Thank you. It's funny I've just been for the first time, was painful but at least it's relieved me a bit lol! Thank you for the advice x x

  • Oh brilliant!! I remember the pain well... Hope u make a speedy recovery x

  • Thanks hun x x

  • its normal for the bowels to be sluggish following surgery, my doctor asked me to take restoralax and even with that it was 3-4 days before anything happened. i called him because i was worried i was feeling really bloated and thought that can't be good. i also had a right paratubal cyst and they removed my tubes but were going to anyway I lost my right ovary too and even though i still have my left one i appear to be in surgical menopause. I had bowel adhesions too.

  • Thank you, was getting a bit worried I couldn't go. Been twice now so the pain is a bit less. I have numbness in the top right of my leg which is worrying me a bit though x x

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