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Lap tomorrow - really nervous!!

Hey ladies!!

Well its finally my Lap tomorrow at 1pm, I'm so so nervous!!! Im glad to finally get to know whats going to be wrong and to stop the pain... but what if they don't find anything??

If they don't find anything then i really feel like I'm not going to have an explanation as to why I'm always in so much pain and constantly tired!!

Im so scared of going into the hospital too, luckily my boyfriend has booked the rest of the week off and so is going to be there with me, but I'm so scared of him not being there when i wake up... i just hate hospitals - I've only ever been there for the deaths of my loved ones!! I know this op happens everyday though and so I'm surprisingly calm about being cut into!! I think I've also got everything i need to take with me and have wrote a list to make sure, i followed another lovely ladies advice of typing 'Wetwipes' into the search bar and found lots of good info for what i would need.

Will the hospital still operate on me if (TMI WARNING!) I've got diarrhoea?? I get it pretty much non stop - especially when I'm nervous like this. I just hope i don't have to stay in overnight!!

Anyway, i know this has been posted millions of times, but for some reason can't find anything thats making me feel better.

Thanks, and i hope your all having a pain free day today!!

Emma Xx

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Hi Emma-Louise! I understand your anxieties, that's completely normal but it's good your time has finally come. I really hope you get some answers so things can start improving for you soon! As you say they do these op's all the time, I'm sure you will be just fine. Just need to get it done now aye! On the diarrhoea front... If this is normal for you I would imagine it would be ok, they would prob only cancel it if you had a bug/ were poorly so fingers crossed Hun!

I'm glad you have your boyfriend for support,when you get back to the ward you will be sleepy still, so hopefully by the time you are properly awake he will be coming back to see you :)

Make sure you have some peppermint tea in case of wind pain, some pads-more comfy than the hospital ones and really comfy clothes for afterwards

Sending you hugs and best wishes and hope it's all worth it! Take it easy :) xxx


Thank you, yep fingers crossed they can actually tell me whats going on!! Horrible not knowing!

Thank you :) :) Xx


Hi there.

Like Nayjay says, your anxieties are completely normal and understandable. It is the thought of the unknown that plays with us but once you are put under then you are not aware until coming round and then you just dig deep and deal with it.

I had mine done a week ago today, and like you was so no nervous and not very keen on hospitals. The hospital staff were lovely and make sure you are comfortable, esp after the op. Be honest with them if you are in pain or nauseous etc as they can help.

My husband asked when I would be out of theatre and they gave a rough time, but he was also welcome to stay on the ward and wait. The theatre staff in recovery were lovely and as I kept dozing in and out of sleep I didn't mind my husband wasn't allowed in that room, but also cos I didn't want him to see me like that. He turned up when I was back on the ward and more "with it". Like before, do not be afraid to ask the nurses etc questions about anything inc if your husband can stay on the ward whilst you are in theatre etc.

I have put a couple of posts on here firstly of how Lap went and my results but also about having a shower hero. May be of some comfort and the shower one def useful for when you have your first shower back home.

My recovery I have been very fortunate with, compared to some ladies on here, but everyone is individual. I didn't like being bossy when back home asking for water, hot water bottle, things from local shop etc but I knew I had to listen to my body and accept the help. Today was the first day I drove since my op, only up the village for some paracetamol, and that wore me out. I am glad your boyfriend is going to be with you for after and the rest of the week. It helps you relax more knowing someone is about in case you need anything..even if quick trip up gp surgery or to get some chocolate!

Oh I took a list of questions with me that I wanted to ask and was glad I had as most of them I would have forgotten if I hadn't had that list. I also told them I suffer from nausea and was worried about that aspect and being sick after the op so they gave me an anti-sickness tablet before the op and when I came round I told them I was feeling nauseous so they gave me an injection for it which was fab!

Sorry I have gone on a bit! I hope you get some answers tomorrow and have a good recovery. Sending you big hugs x


Good luck tomorrow. It really is ok. I was really worried too. Definitely take some peppermint tea. I had a few cramps in my tummy hardly anything really, except for shoulder pain. Be prepared. It hurts for a few minutes and then dissipates. The dr didnt tell me anything about it, but a friend did. Its just CO2 in your body but it can be quite painful. However, it doesn't last long. I hope you get some answers. Good luck :)


Thank you :) x


Good luck with your Lap tomorrow. I wont repeat a lot of what the other women on here are saying. I went back to work less than 1 week after my lap and it was the worst thing i could have done. i was in so much pain and felt so tender. I was also given a prostap injection to shrink what the Gyny couldn't remove. This put me into a state of menopause. make sure you write those questions you have down and ask your bf to write down the answers because you will both forget. Make sure you rest your body and take it easy. Ask for help! My fiance had to literally lift me out of the bath because of the tenderness in your tummy. You will feel drained and tired. Hope this helps, i was in the unknown and i really struggle with the unknown, i can deal with things so much better when I know.

Good luck x


Thank you, I'm exactly the same...im so nervous because i just don't know what is going to happen!! Im praying they will give me something to calm me down before i go in though, and also that my boyfriend can be with me on the ward when the consultant tells me what they found!!

Thank you Xx


Make sure that if the consultant comes round and he isn't there that you ask then that he comes in before you have a chat for support. Just try to relax and think of it as the start of finally know and getting to the bottom of what is wrong with you, make sure you push for explanations and treatment options - dont let them bully you into what they think without you understanding it. That's the biggest thing i've learnt. I had my lap and endo lasered off April 2013, straight away they gave me a prostap injection and sent me off. I had treatments for 8 months without really knowing what was going on. Only now that it has flared back that i have started looking and asking more questions etc.

Let us know how you get on and if you need any more help and advice. I have only just found this forum and already in the space of a matter of hours it helps to know i am not alone and that i am understood xx


Bit late to the party so to speak but I hope it went well today and that you're feeling 'ok'? Do update when you can x


Thanks girls, currently sitting in the waiting room in my lovely paper gown waiting to go through! So scared! Thanks for all your advice and help, will update in a few days!

Hope your all well



Hey ladies: thought I'd update you all!! Was so nervous my heart rate went up to 116bpm... Woops!! They were all absolutely lovely in their though and knew I was nervous! Had to wait until just after 3 for my op and it wasn't as bad as I thought!! Anaesthetists were so so nice! One lovely man just kept me calm and I was fine.... Not even sure why I was scared in the end! But I woke up and was sore and felt pretty sick so let them know and they gave me some anti-sickness medicine and oral morphine and that helped!!

The gas hit me though when I stood up to use the loo..... God it really does hurt doesn't it?? Used a heat pad and that helped though! Was sent on my way with my Oral Morphine around 6.30/7ish which was fab! It was strangely a really good experience!! Just glad I had it done!!

They found small bits of endo as suspected and also burst a functional cyst whilst they were in there but nothing major! Very very glad they found endometriosis though but kind of feel a bit of a wimp because it was only a small bit!

Anyway thank you for all your lovely words of support! Hope your all as pain free as possible!

Emma xxx


Thanks for updating us Emma! Glad to hear it all went well! My consultant has booked my first lap in August and I'm nervous already but glad to be getting it done at the same time. I'm more concerned about being sick afterwards than anything else lol. But I'm relieved to know that they can help me with that. Hope you are recovering well! Don't worry about feeling like a wimp. We're all different in terms of pain levels etc. :) x


Ooh good luck for August then! Oh don't worry, I felt sick when I came round but I let them know and he gave me something for it straight away and then I felt fine. Yep recovering well thank you, little bit of pain burnout too bad thank you :) xx


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