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Endo coming back after lap? Possible ectopic pregnancy?

Hello... I'm going to try to keep the background info brief here but want to fully get my point across:

In August of 2015 I had my first laparoscopy to diagnose my endometriosis. They found a few spots of it, small amounts in each of the 4 or so spots, and burnt it off (not excision). After my surgery I also started seeing an acupuncturist to address the end that way. Between this and the surgery, I felt fantastic for the first time in many years (or possibly ever!) until about the end of December.

During the month of December, my husband and I decided to really try to get pregnant. I could have sworn I was (had a few early pregnancy symptoms, including horrifically sore breasts for over 2 weeks)... until my period came about 4-5 days late. Also, all home pregnancy tests including one taken just today have been negative.

My periods are generally very regular at 28 day cycles, same amount of bleeding every time, etc... but this past one was different. Several days late, the bleeding itself was on-and-off, it started with very slight dark brown spotting for several days, and I even had a bit of clotting which hasn't happened in many years. All of these things never ever happen.

This month, I'm now again 4+ days late, have been very slightly dark brown spotting for about 5 days, my breasts have again been very sore for almost a week (never happens to me for more than a day or so), and I have been getting incredibly bloated on and off for a week. Even my husband can see that it will suddenly look like my stomach alone has gained 10+ pounds!

For about 4-5 weeks now I have been feeling a very specific spot of pain that I believe to be somewhere around my right ovary, which just comes and goes, mild to moderate, sometimes more of a throbbing feel and other times a bit more sharp.

Last month, some cramping with my period did come back -- I've otherwise been pain free since surgery in August. Just last night, however, cramps came back with a LOT of intensity. And they built up from nothing to extremely intense, crying with pain, within an hour from the start. I had to take leftover prescription painkillers from my surgery to ease them.

Sorry for writing a novel here, but I suppose I have 2 questions:

1. Does this just sound like perhaps my endometriosis either wasn't fully removed and/or is already coming back?

2. I did read that occasionally with an ectopic pregnancy a home test would show up negative. Does anyone have first hand experience with this / could share your story?

I'm just a bit concerned because I definitely feel "off"... but I don't have anything that I could justify as a good reason to see a doctor at this point.

Thanks everyone....

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Can I just ask if you are still getting acupuncture?


I am, but the endometriosis is is not the primary condition being treated at the moment.


Did you tell your acupuncturist that you might be pregnant? There are some acupuncture points that shouldn't be used during pregnancy, so it is important that they know that you are trying to get pregnant so that they avoid those points.

Sorry that I can't help with any of the other stuff.


She does not. In the few weeks that pregnancy was even a possibility I don't think I saw her. By the time I did see her again I figured I had not gotten pregnant (had gotten what I still do think was my period), and since my husband and I then decided not to continue trying in the immediate future I thought it was a non-issue. Again, the likelihood of me being pregnant right now I'm assuming is extremely low.

Thank you very much for reminding me about that, though. I do remember hearing this about acupuncture a while back.


Hi, if your endometriosis was burnt off and not excised then it may well be growing back, excision is the gold standard of treatment for endo, I would suggest you see your GP for s referral to a specialist at a BSGE centre,

I dint know about the ectopic pregnancy but I would get this checked also, better to be safe,

Good luck xxx


If you think that you have ectopic pregnancy this is a very good reason to see your doctor as it is very dangerous! My endo was burnt and it likes kicking me in the stomach really badly from time to time with no particular reason. Or just continuously tire with dull ache. I am not sure whether this helps but maybe its a good idea to see your doctor to be on a safe side xx


What was the outcome? I'm just wondering as I am currently going through the same pain and bleeding x


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