Another painful period

just on here to rant really. I'm 28 and after 17 years of suffering with endo im still no further forward since diagnosis. just feel so down in the dumps with it don't really have anyone who understands what it feels like or the support of a partner and makes me feel soooo lonely at times. sitting at work for hours with the agonising pain. had soo many kimds of differemt painkillers and nothing helps. just don't know what to do anymore xx

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  • Hi - what treatments have you had in all these years and do you know where your endo is? What symptoms are you getting at any time of the month not just at period time and where in the UK are you as treatment options vary?

  • thank you for your reply. I was riddled with endo behind near my ovaries and in my womb as well. it has also spread to my bladder. i always feel uncomfortable at any time of the month but the excutiating pain come when period is due, get me back pain, pains in me legs, then the terrible pain down there. I live near Cambridge. x

  • Hi Nat. You should be being treated in a specialist endo centre and as you live in England you can choose where you go. Click on my name and look at my posts on how to find a specialist and also the one on rectovaginal endo to see if you identify with that. Feel free to send me a private message if you want help with a referral. x

  • Hi nat1987.. I'm feeling your pain tonight, I felt so depressed today I felt like giving up. I'm 33 and spent years getting a diagnosis of endo, 3 laparoscopies later & having major issues with a previous coil & contraceptive pills I'm no further forward. The pain I have suffered with this months period has been so bad today it was on par with labour pain! I've had two children & I swear even contractions were more bareable!!!!! im swear there's more to my issues than just endo too but feel I'm always fighting with the doctors. Although my hubby is patient & I'm very lucky to have him he does not completely understand & I still feel so alone too... Thinking of you & sending you hugs x

  • Hi Hun could I ask what problems you have had with the coil ? I'm having problems at the minute but not really heard of anybody with endo and the coil problems xxx

  • Hi.. Yes those types of hormone interventions have never worked for me. With the coil I had bleeding for weeks on end along with horrendous period pain , headaches & mood swings. Within 24 hours of it being removed the difference was noticeable. I'm now looking at the prospect of a hysterectomy 😞. What side affects are you having? Xx

  • thank you for response I really appreciate it. just seems like it's impossible with issues with b12,folic acid levels, the way my cervix lays I feel it's God way of saying I'm not meant to conceive as stupid as it sounds. my boss told me the other day that he heard that someone with endo took a pill and it magically disappeared but he just doesn't get that it's not that easy. even though we all wish it was xx

  • Hi Carly - I just replied to Nat and you might want to look at the posts I mentioned as well. x

  • Hi I was the same for years! I've had several operations to remove the endometriosis! I've also had a tube removed! Over the years I've had crippling pain that I had to call the ambulance as I was passing out in severe pain, only morpheme worked during those bad times! However I concentrated on my diet for years avoiding wheat and dairy at all times! I went through IVF twice and it worked thank god but I put that down to self discipline and I worked hard to eat only the right food and drank so much water! In March this year after my second and final baby I decided that I needed to take action because I knew this awful disease would be back therefore I started on juice plus+ products! Whole food supplements, they flood your body with fresh fruit veg and berries, the science and the studies to prove it is amazing! In the past I had crippling pain at least 3 weeks in a month now I have about 2 bad days, however since March I have not taken 1 painkiller! This stuff works! I guess if you feel so bad like I did you would give anything a go! You become healthy from the inside out! It's just my story, contact me if you want more details 😘 I'm so sorry that you are going through this, it's awful and I know the feeling when you say nobody understands xxx

  • thank you for your reply it's nice to speak to people who experience the Same problems and to hear bout their experiences. people try to be good and understanding but if you haven't experienced it you can't really fully understand the situation unfortunately. xx

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