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period pains, bloating, numb right leg and painful hip but no period anyone else get this?

I don't no if my cycle is just getting longer or not giving me a break but ive got period symptom constant at the minuete I always have pain and symptos outside of my cycle but I feel like I should be bleeding! the pains made me pass out a few times arg I just wont to know whats going on im getting more and more symptoms and the exsiting ones are worse ive been saying im guna come on since my last one I feel really broken mentally an physically :( .

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Hi I know exactly how you feel I went from having a week of pain before period to constantly feeling I was due on any minute. I have had from a 22 day cycle to 28 days which have got more irregular recently. I had numb leg on the left and awful pains in my right hip and thigh to the point of limping everywhere for days. These symptoms would come and go along with the stabbing and general heavy aching due on type pains. I have started taking vitamin supplements and iron as I was slightly anemic which can cause you to feel light headed.

I've just had a lap and now know what the problem is but while I was waiting I felt mentally drained and so frustrated not knowing what to do so I decided to try accupuncture and herbal tonic. Mentally I felt better after accupuncture and reduced some of the heavy aching but once I started the herbal tonic this really helped with pains but the hip pain is still there.

All I can say is I know how you feel and if you are desperate for help try anything that may help. Even a massage to relax you may help anything is worth a try if it helps you feel a little better. My doctors only help was more painkillers which if your pains are getting bad you may need to ask for some stronger ones.

I hope that's helped and if nothing else you know that your not alone xx hope you get some relief soon x


Hey i know how you feel too, thats exactly how i was before my lap and i still get the feelings now but on zoladex so have other eeasons to feel that way.

I read your blog also. I too only have small patch of endo but was told i had lots of scaring. First gynae told me they were shocked and the second one was making out he had no idea why i was in so much pain so i know how frustrating it can be.

At first i felt really guilty for being on here with mild endo as there are lots of ladies that have ot severely or are fertile etc. then i have come to realise that we have severe endo also. No it may not be big but its ruining our lives. I havent worked for four months, worry i never will again and in pain to point of passing out at times and so fatigued. Even though we always have to justify to everyone else whats going on we must remember we don't have to do that to ourselves.

You are not going mad you have got real pain that is not being managed. It maybe worse because you're so exhausted and stressed, but like you said why would you put yourself through it if it wasn't real.

Lot's of my frustrations come from lack of control of my life and always having to fight for what we need so i think lillyflower is right, try and having a massage or do something relaxing so you can have some you time and try to forget endo for a few minutes. I know easier said than done.

What meds are you on? Have you had any hormonal treatment?

Have you tried a tens machine? I love mine!

Hip pain i sometime find worse than my pelvic pain as its so deep and same as lillyflower i can find myself limping about. I find a hot bath can help.

Try taking some vitamins to help with your energy levels and to support your body pre-lap.

What about have you tried the endo diet? I am the least likey person to try such a thing but have managed to give up wheat, gluten and potatoes- a step in the right direction! Ive lost 5lbs after doing nothing but put on weight for past year so now when i bloat its as big as i was rather than felt i was getting bigger by the day!

It has also helped alot with my bowel spasms which would set my endo off horrendously.

I wish their was something we could do to help you. You are right none of us deserve to suffer like this. It does feel like torture at times, but we will beat it.

It's just about learning how.

You are not mad, you are not alone and you will get sorted. Good luckxxx


hey guys thanks so much for your replys it helps loads!

Ive had all the hormone treatment and they make me very unwell mentally and only just got them to recognise this aswell as not helping with then endo!

I have tramadol and oxy codone pain killers and I take celebrex for my joint pain but I carnt take them all the time as they stop brain transmissions I also have hyper mobility syndrome and try to exercise as an when I can!

I feel for you not being able to work ive been let go from my job again and now fighting with the benefits system!

im a trained natural therapist and I take my vits and mins and get treatment naturally when I can but yet again money is the problem I also have all the information on the endo diet and the book with recipies but don't have money to buy in what I need and I feel so low I don't think I could do it just yet it would just be something else to get me down but im sorting my self and diet plans and so on so when im well I can jump straight to it!

I know my own body but they make you question everything and it so degrading and confidence knocking I start to doubt myself!

im currently waiting for my second lap and there going to look further than when I was first diagnosed but they wont to put a coil in at the same time have you guys got any exsperiance with this? the info is so hard to tell all the pro and cons to it I had one in before but only 3 months and apparently it wasnt long enough im not sure!

it just feels so futile as you both well know I feel unwell most days and then the stresses and everything make it worse again and then trying to exsplain it to the people around you and it well just take your pills or go lie down!

I will keep you updated thank you for your kind words ladies it really dose help

lots of tummy love and healing energy for you

nicki x



I have endo for 13 years now and I only find out 3 years ago. I have been going to different doctors all this years but all of them used to tell me that all this pain is in my imagination and to tell you the true I started to believe that is true.

I had 3 operations so far but the endo keeps coming back and the pain getting worse every time. My period was manageable but now I have 2 new cysts and one week before period the pain is horrible, I just cant walk or do anything. When I had the first operation they had to cut a part of my bowel as well because it was stuck to my uterus and the hip and bottom pain it just makes me limp. I don't take anything for pain because its like nothing works and I also try to get pregnant but nothing which makes me more desperate. I am tired most of the time and I feel like no one around me understands what I am going through. Most of the people don't understand what is endometriosis, to tell you the true I never even heard of it before I found out that I have it. The sad part is that we have to leave with it for the rest of our lives but it will be good to find out about a treatment so we can leave our lives the best that we can.

I wish you all Happy Easter and a lot of health.



Hi I'm afraid I can't comment on the merina or any other treatments as at the moment all I have is painkillers until my next appointment as I've only just been officially diagnosed. I have read many things and I've read good and bad about all treatments so i don't know what I will do next. My main concern with the merina is having to put up with side effects while it settles which can be months and as I'm self employed I have to work and so that scares me but on the other hand I've read some on here say its fantastic!

I'm glad to here your taking vitamins and trying what you can but yes many things that can help can be expensive but I quite often have a candle lit bath relax and just massage my own legs! Well its free and I also have a massaging eye mask I can use. Any treats that can give you a lift and I haven't tried the diet as I cannot loose weight as already too tiny so cutting any food out is bad for me, but it sounds like you have all the info to do this as and when you can and I'm sure when I stress I feel worse so deep breaths and dont stress over what you can't do just focous on what you can do and I hope your second lap goes well and gives you some relief. Knowing your not alone does help to doesn't it x .


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