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2nd endometriosis lap operation .... is it as painful as the first??

Hi yea,

I'm going in on 6/1/14 for my 2nd endometriosis lap I am just wondering is it as painful as the first? Had a scan done in November and they have seen other issues with bladder and bowl. Feel so depressed and scared as I really don't know what they will be doing when I'm knocked out, can't sleep at nite worrying about it. Don't like telling family or friends as I hate hassling others. Just wish people would understand how painful the disease is an the effects it has on the person!

I'm sorry to rant on, but I'm just posses off with the disease as it is starting to take over my life an I'm getting married in April an I'm afraid the disease will ruin my big day or something else dramatic will happen.

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Hi shelly144.

I cant really offer any advice on the 2nd lap as I'm currently awaiting my 1st. I can relate to not wanting to put on others but I also know my hubby and family want to be able to help me. It's difficult to talk to our family etc as they don't fully understand what we go through. The ladies on here are an amazing font of knowledge and very supportive. I wish you a speedy recovery and I'm sure things will be ok. All the best on your big day. Try stay positive don't let the endo get you too down hun. Sorry not much help.x


Thanks Heidi for your kind thoughts. This time next week it will be all over. Wish you all the best for your 1st lap an for a speedy recovery. Happy New Year an all the best for 2014. X


So sorry you are feeling so scared,but we are all here for you,so feel free to vent your feelings as many have been there.I have had 3 laps,two when I had just finished contraceptive pill or decapeptyl,dense adhesions were cut out but no endo was found(they said it can go inactive).The third was after a burst ovarian cyst and was a big emergency and they said they had tried to remove some of the endo lesions and adhesions but some were to risky to cut out without damaging bowel,bladder,kidneys.

But everyone is different -do you know the sage of endo?Forum member impatient has written lots of great info re staging.Just put in endo stages into search box.I think the amount of pain corresponds to the amount of work you have done and probably to our own personal pain threshholds.I watched in utter amazement at my last lap,as a lady who had had keyhole hysterectomy literally jumped out of bed the next day and refused paracetamol when I was unable to stand up unassisted.Problem is even the doctors don't know until they look inside,what endo or adhesions are there.

Try to see the surgery as one that will eventually ease your pain and hopefully make trying for a baby easier?I always try to remember that nothing lasts forever,so just take one day at a time and try not to worry about the what ifs.I am also facing surgery this year-verymajor,so do know how you feel.sending you a big hug,


Thank you daffodil for your kind thoughts. I know they said the last time I had the opp. endometriosis was mostly around the right ovary an long the top of the womb but not as much on left side. Had a scan in November an my womb has or is now laying towards my back and my bladder is squashed. The gyne doc couldn't see my bowl right has an idea it could be around there now due to the be symptoms. I am also taking injections every two weeks which is annoying. They never really said way stage it was at. The first gyne consult wasn't v.helpful so I attended another an she sounds positive as she wants to get to the bottom of it.

I go in on Monday for pre operation so hopefully get talking to doc then an then I go for operation on Tuesday.

Wish you all the best for you next operation an my heart goes out to you as you have been through a lot to. All I'm praying for that I will be able to have a healthy child once we r married.

Happy New year an all the best for 2014, really appreciated your response and kind thoughts. X


Wishing you all the best for your op on Tuesday-pray it goes smoothly and that even if it is painful post op, they get to the bottom of what is causing you such distss.Do let us know how your op goes.Sending yo ua big hug xx.


Thanks again for your kind thoughts. Yeah I'll let you know by the end of the week how things goes. X


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