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First period after baby

Hey guys I hope everyone is okay. I'm just curious as there are a lot of different views about this.

What are people's experiences of their first period after having a baby?

I am pregnant and am a bit worried what my periods are going to be like after my baby is born. Some people say it'll ease it but then I have read a lot about that not being true. I have always suffered with really painful, heavy and long periods and the last period I had before I conceived was hell. I had to go to hospital and had a week of work I just couldn't cope. I don't know how I'll be able to look after myself let alone a baby If it goes back to how it was.

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I don't know if you have had a Endometriosis diagnosis but if you have I did read that Brest feeding as long as you can helps things a lot x


I breast fed for two years and the pain didn't come back till I stopped breast feeding. It's tiring so you'll need to get good nutrition and vitamins inside you but it's worth it. Xx


Hi i had been in hospital for a week after having my wee boy. I bleed for 12 weeks after birth and then i went onto tbe depo jag which helped at the time. Everyone is totally different. I bleed heavy for wuite a while and was really sore but some other people dont bleed as long and arent as sore. Everyones different x


Hi, first congratulations on expecting your little baby😀. It is a miracle and enjoy and cherish every minute! It goes by in the blink of an eye! Being pregnant does ease endometriosis. I nursed all 4 of my kids(so over the course of 11 years I breastfed 4 kids, each about a year my last 3 years he nursed) and during that time I had very little symptoms of it. I have to admit that as soon as I stopped nursing my son it seemed the pain came back with vengeance. I had my first surgery 2 1/2 years ago and it did not help what so ever. They found I had stage 3. I've now also been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and im having my 2nd surgery in 2 days. I have my period 2 xs a month, the pain is excruciating, between the endo and i.c. I cannot physically get up. Research and study up ad much ad you can so when you have your baby you can enjoy the bonding time. Not only is nursing the heathliest for the baby it is for you as well! I couldn't imagine not and hope this doesn't sound weird there are days I miss It! The bond you will feel is like nothing else!

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Aw bless you I hope the op goes well. My laparoscopys didn't really help but yeah I'll try breast feed as long as I can because I can't be dealing with that pain again x


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