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Will having my period help?


My doctor has told me that I have womb tissue outside of my womb and that it's causing bleeding etc.

She says to go back in a month or two so she can refer me to a specialist, but in the mean time I don't really know what to do.

I'm on the pill, so should I have my period (as painful as they are) to clear the tissue or skip next month?

I had the Mirena for 2 years previous to this, but I didn't really agree with me, but obviously was suppressing the symptoms

I'm new to this so I don't really know what's best for me

Thank you

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if you feel unsure please go back and speak with your doctor. Having a period will not allow the endometrial tissue to 'clear', it is this tissue bleeding in other places than inside the womb that is thought to be a part of causing pain. Taking the pill back to back is one treatment used to help control endo in some women. Have a read around on the forum if you would like to learn more about endometriosis and how to approach getting specialist help. You would need to have a laproscopy procedure to confirm it. It is good that your doctor is listening to you. Good luck.

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The reason endometriosis is believed to hurt is because the tissue outside contracts around what it's growing on then bleeds. That blood is seen as a foreign body in your immune system so your body attacks it and that causes inflammation and pain. By having a period this will happens

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Thank you for replying!

So really I should be treating how I am by having as few periods as possible?

My only worry is (and I told the doctor) is that I bleed when having sex because of where the tissue is, so I just wondered whether anything would reduce this or I just have to wait a month to go back and be referred to a gynae :/


Yes try to stay away from having periods.

Nope you will keep bleeding anyway, believe me I know, although with the location and bleeding, do you feel pain with deep penetration? Because if you don't you need to get a Pap smear. If endo is near the cervix or pouch-a-Douglas deep penetration hurts.

You can't remove the tissue yourself, it needs to be removed surgically not to mention I had a period with a wide array of birth control pills due to my intolerance to them and the pain spread, so keep that in mind.

I started with abdominal pain, I later got chest pain during my period alike to the type I experienced when I bruised my ribs only months before.


I have undiagnosed endo and went on progesterone only to stop periods, which did nothing. I physically cannot put off my periods, even if I take the pills back to back I just feel 10x worse and bleed heavier than anything which just affects my life more than having a period. I'd say if your body wants one, it's best to have one, but thats just me! x

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I'm not sure having a period will clear much up since the endo tissue is what is hurting and it's trapped .

When you have a period the lining that is in the right place sheds the right way , meanwhile you got these pieces of endo tissue around your organs but no route to get out .

Now they want to get out with the rest of the gang when the period starts but they just bump into things and run around trying to find an exit that is not there.

So they start getting irritated they pull and stretch and leave scars and round and round it goes .

You see the dilemma?

That may not be a great medical explanation for endo but it's pretty much what happens .


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