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Painful first period after lap a month ago


Hi all,

I’m just wanting to see if this is normal as I’m worrying myself.

I had my first lap 5 weeks ago and I was told my uterus was covered and it was a lot of work to remove it. I’m back as work last week and was uncomfortable so signed off half days.

I now started my first period yesterday aka the pain and bleeding insane!! I’m on the ibropfen from the surgery and heat pads.

Is the normal to be in this much pain?!!

Work have been amazing but I feel people think I’m taking this Piss as I’m acting myself then I go home as I’m in discomfort.

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my first period was horrendous post-lap, I think someone said it’s cos your uterus has been disturbed or something to do with internal healing taking longer than external healing, but apparently it is normal from what I can gather to feel more pain after a laparoscopy with your first period post-op, but if you feel something is 100% wrong contact your gp, hope the pain eases soon! ask your gp for some cocodomal if the ibuprofen isn’t touching it x

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Thank you so much. It really helps. I have some tablets from the surgery so might take them today. I’m So low from all this I want to be normal Again.

Yes I read somewhere the first is worst, especially if endo found on your uterus lining, as the lovely lady correctly says below! take pain killers, relax, you are fine, don't panic - thats what the forum said. But I wanted to say forget work pressure, please, rather bake them biscuits to say thanks but don't worry how nice they've been or how much time they have given you. work comes and goes, you only have 1 body, look after it and give it time to get through these little speed bumps. by the way how are you managing endo now? big hugs

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Thank you so much for your reply. Really helps having others going through it giving their knowledge. I baked them cakes and biscuits last week and will again next week... they’ll all be fatter!!

Still recovering over 6 weeks I’ve just had pains from that so not sure on my endo at the moment. My doctor said he was shocked at the extent they saw when they went in and the pics were a shock to me too.

But he felt pleased that they got nearly all of it and I have a 6 month scan to check the progression speed and progression. X

The first 3 can be bad, it's because of internal inflammation and part of the body's healing process.

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