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Hi I'm 32 with 2 children diagnosed 3 years ago with endo ive had 3 X laparoscopies and had 6 months of hrt and menopause injections, I've had a coil, contraceptive pill and currently have to take painkillers daily. I've had a cyst drained on my left ovary and bleed every few days. I had an mri scan last months and the result show endo on pouch of Douglas. I have an app on 15tu Dec to discuss treatment but does anyone have any experience of what they would do!? Thanks

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  • I was dignosed with endo In my womb and adhesions in my pouch of Douglas did ur consultant tell u how severe ur endo was cause all I was told is that found endo in my womb but when I asked him what my treatment options were he said oh they can't really do anything cause want more children but I think u should discuss all ur options with your consultant as it's ur body and don't feel pressured into having treatments if u ain't comfortable with if cause wanted me to go on zoladex injections but I refused as trying for another baby xxx

  • The specialist I went to wanted to remove everything as soon as possible so I still would have a chance of having a baby later. Maybe you should get a second opinion at a different hospital? X

  • I don't have any advice, but I did have endo on the pouch of Douglas. They told me it was removed during my excision laparoscopy two months ago.

    I am wondering, you sais you've had 3 laparoscopies within three years. Does this mean it grew back several times? If so, how fast did it grow back? Just wondering because I'm afraid it has grown back. Sorry to put this question here by the way.

    Hope you will feel better soon!

  • It's fine Hunni Iv been to see my gp and have asked to get a secound opinion from another hospital but sadly they won't refer me for one I end up leaving the doctors in tears cause I feel no one will listen to me I no that I have one child but getting fed up been passed from pillar to


  • I am so sorry to hear that doctors treat you that way.. I'm from Holland so I don't really know how it works in your country but I insisted that I needed to go to a specialist they didn't have a choice but sending me there. There must be a way that you can switch doctors, right? Maybe there is somewhere where you can ask for help to do this? X

  • I'm going to try and c a different doctor and take it from there I'll let u no how I get on hope all goes well for u to xx

  • Thank you! And make sure you go to a specialist! X

  • I will try my best thanks and all the best xx

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