Pouch of douglas????who??

So apparently during a Lap my surgeon couldnt find any endo but i have all the symtoms. Im convinced its more on my bowl and siatic nearve. But he said the my pouch of douglas is completley oblitarated snd that one of the tubes from my bladder is stuck to my uterus and i have virtually no cervix left. Im back for pre op chat next week this is just what my letter said but its stressing me out as i dont know whats going on. Also ive been taking 20mg of provera for a few months now back to back which helped pain but not bleeding but for my mental health ive had to stop taking it. So feeling at a loss. Any suggestions welcome please ladies x

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  • Was this a general gynae? If your pod is obliterated you almost certainly have Endo underneath the obliteration , it's a classic place and he just didn't look thoroughly enough to see it. If it is on the bowel then it's classed as server disease and you need to be referred on to be seen in a BSGE accredited specialist Endo centre where the surgeons have advanced excision skills and are expert in the disease. Your GP can refer you if your consultant won't.


    This is the description and rationale of the BSGE Endo service. See pages 5 and 6 in particular.


    This pages Endo location diagram shows Pod location eemec.med.ed.ac.uk/wiki/wik...

  • Yer hes not a specialist in endo just normal gyne. Thats what i thought i was only under for about 30mins i dont want to tell surgeons how to do there hob but everything ive read makes no sense after what he said. I litterally woke up and he said no endo cant take out your womb as its too dangerous because of your bladder but might take your ovarys away! I felt like a piece of meat didnt even ask if I want more kids or tell me if its still an option.😯x

  • Ps thank you for your helP x

  • This is an amazingly helpful bit of info-thank you!

  • Np. He's probably decent enough at general stuff but Endo really does need specialist skills to treat properly. Laps usually are about an hour for diagnosis. Bladder involvement also contributes to you being a severe case.

    My surgeon just removed endo on my bladder as well as my bowel. I first went to general gynae who misdiagnosed me as having Adeno off an ultrasound ( which then mysteriously went a missing) ignored my rectovaginal tumor (!) and wanted to just do a hysterectomy.

    Use the BSGE map to find your Endo centre, get your GP / Consultant to referr and take it from there. There may be a fair lead time as they are increasingly busy as they become better known.

  • Hi Pugmammy

    Take note of Starry's advice and demand a referral to BSGE clinic.

    I had a total lap hysterectomy by a General Gynae this April after years complaining of endometriosis symptoms and getting nowhere with my GP. The general Gynae operated and removed ovaries, uterus, cervix etc he noted severe endometriosis and states he removed various nodules and recto vaginal adhesions, tethering to bowl etc. 5 months on I am still in extreme pain on my right hand side and hip at night and posterior pain and pressure all day. I paid for a private BSGE consultation last week confirming that I still have recto vaginal nodules and nodules at the vault, I am not in the system waiting for a referral for MRI on my pelvis and possible additional surgery. There is no point seeing a general Gynae about this condition. I am considering putting in a complaint at the moment as my current condition is no better than before, in fact possibly worse as I am not in medical menopause and I have lost months of work recovering and may have to undergo a second procedure.

  • Ah god thats awfull bless you. Im def not convinced by him as ive stopped taking the provera and the pain in my bum back n legs is getting worse every day so it must of been doing something when i was taking it but in my opinion its just masking problem not fixng it.x

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