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Pouch of Douglas


Hi I’ve been looking at my discharge notes from my operation and it says i have Endo in my Pouch of Douglas. Can anyone explain to me what this is. I’ve tried googling it but it only shows me pictures of the Pouch of Douglas. Thanks.

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Hi Jellytots10, not entirely sure, but this is where they found mine and on my uterosacral ligaments.

From what I made out it is the area between the uterus and the bowel. My symptoms were painful sex and also pain when going to the toilet/in a symptoms. If anyone can shed anymore light...

jelleytots10 in reply to Rachie9

Ah ok I have it on my bladder, left fallopian tube and my bowel is stuck to my uterus so that makes sense. Thanks for your reply.

The pouch of Douglas is the space between the bowel and womb. Mine was obliterated, so bowel and womb stuck together with endo adhesions. I had a lot of bowel problems, pelvic pain and painful sex

Ah okay my symptoms make sense now. Sorry if too much info but should i still be bleeding heavy nearly a week after surgery. Just worried about everything now x

What did you have done during surgery. Also how would you describe the heavy bleeding? X

I have 3 incisions but i dont think they actually did anything as i have to have another surgery in 3 months. Erm no clots or anything but its bright red, very thin (if that makes sense) and sorry if too much detail but i can feel it. If that makes sense x

As long as it’s not a lot i wouldn’t worry about it. Are you having your next surgery with a bowel specialist? X

Ok thank you. I do have slight period pains but because I’m still on the pill its hard to know if its that or the surgery. Yeah i am and also going on 4 months of Zoladex x

Good luck with the Zoladex 😳. I’ve had the worse time on it. Can’t wait for the effects to wear off I have been so depressed. Terrible thoughts and sleep, its not agreed with me at all.

The pains are probably from the surgery but I did have a period a few days after my first lap x

Tbh I’ve not slept well since the surgery so I don’t think it can get worse. I am a bit worried about going on Zoladex tbh x

How weird? My sleep has gone downhill this year from surgery, diagnosis etc.... I find it hard to fall

asleep. I wish I could give you a better review of the Zoladex my darling but I regret the day I ever agreed to have the bastard injection x

I dont find it hard falling asleep i find it hard to stay asleep past 4am... so I’m getting 5-6 hrs a night. I am really worried about my next surgery, i had a really bad recovery from this surgery due to pain and lack of advice from nurses at the hospital. I was told all 3 of my incisions were glued but they are actually stitched. I wasn’t even sent home with any pain relief or advice on what i could or couldnt take x

My Husbands away tonight with work (last minute thing) and I sleep even worse when he’s not here so dreading going to bed tonight.

That’s terrible you weren’t sent home with any pain relief bless you. That’s just awful. Where in the UK are you based?

I’ve been lucky and had some fantastic care but I went private x

Ah thats awful, hopefully you sleep ok. I had morphine and more anti sickness when i was in recovery. But was told to take paracetamol... even though I explained paracetamol doesn’t do anything for me. I am based in croydon, yourself? I wish i could afford to go private but i can just about afford to have the time off for the surgery which sucks xx

I’m in Brighton so not too far from you. I had my first surgery in Brighton and my second in London.

To be honest with my surgeries I was only given paracetamol and ibruprofen. I think they like to get you off the strong stuff as quickly as possible. When do you start the Zoladex? X

Oh not not too far. Yeah my GP said to take my naproxen as i was very swollen and really sore. I’m waiting for a call from my surgeon to discuss everything as i was pretty out of it after the surgery when he came to see me x

Hi, I also have endo on my POD. The easiest way I find to explain it, is that it's the tissue between your rectum and vagina. I hope that makes sense?

On pictures and videos it normally shows it like a squishy looking patch of tissue that has a tinge of yellow on one half. This tissue extends down between the rectal and vaginal cavities.

Atm I've got an endo nodule more rectal side than vaginal in my POD but I'm having a sigmoidoscopy this Friday and then an MRI which should show up everything that's not obvious to the naked eye.


jelleytots10 in reply to LouLouT

Oh okay, have you had a laparoscopy? X

LouLouT in reply to jelleytots10

Yeh, I had my first lap in January this year and was diagnosed with stage 4 endo. I've seen the video of my lap multiple times ehich has really helped me to understand. I'm currently waiting for a date for my next lap to remove endo from my bowel and POD. Theres a lot they can't see from the lap so a sigmoidoscopy and MRI are crucial to determining a treatment plan.

judda in reply to LouLouT

Can I just ask you LouLouT why did they not remove the Endo from your bowel and POD when you had your lap? My notes said I’ve got it in my POD but I just presumed they got rid of it whilst I was under...now after reading a few posts on here I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t be presuming that?x

LouLouT in reply to judda

My first lap was performed by a general gyne who isn't specialised in this area so he only removed endo from my pelvis. I've since been referred to a BSGE clinic (I had to ask to be referred) and am now being seen by a team of specialists. One being a colorectal surgeon who will perform the removal of endo from my POD and bowel. Once you've had you post op consultation things should be a lot clearer.


judda in reply to LouLouT

Thank you! Hope all goes well for you when you have the rest of it removed ❤️x

It’s the area between your cervix and your bowel, I have deep infiltrated endo there. I’m having excision surgery to get it removed

Been told I have a mass in my pod - its about 5cm x 4 cm but its wrapped around one of my ovaries and its hard to tell which one waiting for a second scan as they think it has grown since - feeling worried :(

Please look at joining the group Lupron Warriors on face book before taking Zoladex

What side effects have you had? I’m not on Facebook grrr xx

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