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Endo on pouch of Douglas


Hi ladies. I had my first lap in Nov where no endo was found but a biopsy was taken. Result came back that endo was found on pouch of Douglas. I will be sent for in new year by my consultant but for now I wait. I just wanted to know if anyone had the same and what the consultants nxt step was? Wat were your symptoms? Thank you for any replies ❤️❤️

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Stabbing pains like a knife into you dull ache at times..... Luckily I don't get it alot now only if I eat wrong foods i have it all checked out and IBS but I dunno what your experiencing.. .

Hi there, I had adhesions and endo in my pouch of Douglas and had the excision surgery last year. It was a long and difficult battle to get diagnosed (7 years) and I was told I had everything frlm depression to IBS! My symptoms were a change in bowl habits - it was incredibly difficult to open my bowls. I had lots of bleeding and and trying to pass was SO painful it would bring me to tears and the pain would last for hours afterwards. Sex was excruciating, sometimes even just sitting down was painful and I felt like I could pin point the exact area of pain. I was finally seen by a bsge specialist and I had both a gyne and colorectal surgeon work together. When they went in they said that my rectum and pouch of Douglas were wound up like a ball of string due to the amount of adhesions. I felt the relief instantly and have not had any symptoms since the surgery. Are you having treatment at a bsge centre? Getting the diagnosis is the hardest part so it is positive that you know what is causing the problem. I was told it is a really skilled surgery and one that shouldn’t be undertaken by a general gyne surgeon so make sure your consultant is the right person for the job. If you have any questions at all please just ask. It’s a horrible thing to have to go through, but I can honestly say that the surgery really did resolve the problems. Good Luck!!! X

Hiya, I had endo removed from the POD (discovered and removed during my first lap). Previous to that I would get these sharp stabbing pains in my rectum like someone was putting a knife up there. When they'd happen it really would make me squirm they were so intense. Stopped instantly after the adhesions were removed. Good luck x

Thanks so much for the replies, I really appreciate it. My symptoms started a few years ago. Lower back pain, pelvic pain, pain in my lower left side which would radiate down my hips and legs. Getting up from bed or sitting down felt like a magnet was pulling me back down. This all happened a few weeks before my period would start and as my period drew closer the pain was unbearable. I have sharp pains when I empty bowel and quiet often blood from back there. Painkillers don't relieve the pain. I knew what I had all along, I approached GPs with my suspicions but as you all know it's so hard to get diagnosed and hearing how long some women wait to get diagnosed I guess I am fortunate to be at this stage. Thanks xx

I have endo in pod too. Mine was found during the initial laparoscopy I was lucky and my fertility doctor removed it I conceived and sadly lost the baby and since then my symptoms have returned 😐

My symptoms include the following;

Heavy periods- need to use both pads and tampons and lose huge blood clots.

Painful periods which make me feel sick.

Severe cramping like labour pains between cycles.

Severe chronic pain on my lower left abdominal side- worse when sat in certain positions. I used to think it was ovary pain but I know now it wasn't.

Bowel issues worse during periods.

All the best with your laparoscopy hope you become pain free soon xoxo

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