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Disappointing Follow up


Had my long awaited follow up yesterday after my 2nd lap/partial excision in May this year. The surgeon was lovely explaining my biopsies and all about adhesions. Basically he said that the endo will grow back and that the only way to get rid of it is surgery but this can make matters worse as it can cause more adhesions. He suggested going on the progesterone pill (I have refused all hormone treatment with the exception of mirena in the last year). Last resort would be to give me a hysterectomy only after I had tried the menopause injections with HRT for 6 months but this would be years away as I am only 39.

He would not advise what stage my endo is and said not to get to hung up on the details. His advice - cutting out wheat/soya etc & alcohol wont help, everything in moderation. Reduce stress and be happy. I'm not sure why I am feeling so disappointed as I kind of expected it.

Interestingly he said endo was an autoimmune disease, I know there is a lot of speculation regarding this.


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If you look up Arcadia 77, she put an interesting article on the forum recently about excision surgery and that it is the only way to combat endo. Although your doctor seems to be reading some recent research regarding endo (i.e. the autoimmune theory), he is not fully up to date on managing the condition!! The autoimmune research actually suggests that hormone treatment doesn't really make much difference, all it really does is hide the symptoms.

Dietary wise there are some suggestions that all you really need to give up is dairy; bovine dairy in particular (goat and sheep are OK apparently) but I'm not totally au fait with this so you would have to do some additional research yourself!!

Some of the other ladies on the forum know more about this stuff than I do!!!

I am due for my first lap this Friday and am planning to change my diet immediately afterwards as I am having (to my knowledge) full excision surgery at the same time. I will do more research myself but from what I can gather so far it is cutting out dairy that really matters.

All the best xx


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