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No follow up required after surgery?!

Did anyone else get told this?

I managed to speak to a secretary today of the consultant who did my first surgery and the consultant who did this lap has written a letter saying no follow up required but basically if I want one to arrange through the endo nurse of the lady consultant who did my diagnostic in October. Secretary has left a note so hopefully an appointment will be made.

I just find it ridiculous that no follow up is automatically required. I don’t fully know what they did in there, I know they removed it but I would like a little outline of what they did and I have no idea about future plans. Like I’ve said about after care been bad this really somes it up. I’m pretty upset really.

Did anyone else have to request a follow up?

I would really be interested to know what they did in my body and the plans to try and prevent it coming back.

With my diagnostic which was private but with the consultant he has suggested I have my follow up with j got to see photos and ask questions. I thought that was pretty standard.

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I received a follow up appointment on my hospital discharge information.

I don't know much about what they did either but I haven't seen any insicions like mine. My stomach is a mess, I have been stitched on the inside and glued on the outside and they are not straight insicions. After 9 days I still have black bruising around all 3 incisions.

All I know is that they found the endo and removed it.


He just told me the next day if I wanted a appointment to arrange through the other consultant or endo nurse and the woman in the office basically echos that info so I’m waiting on an appointment


It seems to depend on the endo specialist.

Each one seems to practice their field differently.

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Maybe that’s why he’s pushed me in the direction of the other consultant I guess :(


I understand how you feel, if your health is in someone's hands it is expected they are the ones to follow up and provide care for that particular patient. We put a certain amount of trust in that person.

On a positive note! A different opinion from another's experience and perspective could be a good thing hun.

Just make sure you get that appointment and see what they say.


How strange. I had my laparoscopy surgery on 27th April. I received my follow up appointment today in the post for 25 June.

It was stated in my hospital discharge letter copy to doctor that I would need a follow up appointment with in 6 weeks. My operation was not private but done on the NHS.

Do you need to make an follow up appointment with the consultant who did the diagnosis?

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I had a follow up with my first one

I rang and it said I can arrange one with my first consultant or through the endo nurse but that I didn’t NEED one..

so I’ve left it with my first consultant who is in the process of arranging one for me


That's good I hope you get some answers to put your mind at rest from worrying.

It's very strange that they tell us what has happened to us as we come around from the operation. Why they don't wait until we are fully awake I will never understand. I remember by surgeon telling me some bit. Lucky for me later in the day when I was fully awake I was walking about the ward as instructed by the nurses and My surgeon said hello and asked if I was ok. As he thought I should have gone home a while ago.( They wanted to keep me in over night as I could not urinate and was very white and sick after the operation) I asked my surgeon if he had a few minutes and explained I didn't catch what he had told me earlier as I was out of it. He very kindly repeat what he told me earlier and was very reassuring.


I think it makes no sense to have a follow up if nothing is found.. but still useful to discuss

I had a big removal and now I have no idea what’s next...


Hey, my follow up was booked as I was getting ready to go home after my lap, for two weeks later.

Then a note was made on the system for another appointment to be made in 4 months time.

Both of those my specialists secretary booked. Mine was private so I don't know if that makes a difference regarding aftercare.


My first lap my appointment was just booked for me I got a letter 3 months later lol no mention of anything before hand

Now I’ve had to request one and I’m awaiting the appointment 🙄🙄


hope you get one on a date that works for you xx


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