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Laparscopy follow up appointment

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I had a laparscopy 6 weeks ago, I was told I would have a follow up after 6 weeks but still haven't had an appointment,I need to get in touch with the hospital to chase the appointment up but I'm not sure which department you have a follow up with.

I was just wondering was other peoples laparscopy post-op appointment with gynecology department?

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yes it would be with the gynae department that performed your lap. if you know the name of your consultant you can ring the hospital reception and ask to speak to their secretary. i would definately chase it up as its likely at this stage that the follow up hasnt been arranged.

I had assisted lap with treatment in February and got a letter end of April saying I had been discharged back to doctor with no follow up, I've been fighting a battle with my doctor since as the pain is still horrendous and after scan in May cyst are back after them being removed in Feb good luck hope you get an appointment X

I had a lap in June and have my follow up 4 months later (Nov) with the specialist nurse. The first lap I had, it was 6 weeks after with the Dr/surgeon. I would definitely chase it up. But I guess times do vary.

I had a lap in on 6th of June and also told that follow up will be within 4-6 weeks well it was almost 4 months - mid September 2016, with my surgeon/consultant. Meanwhile I was chasing the appointment date anyway.

I was told to have a review appointment in 3 months after my surgery. But the consultant came to see me every morning around 7:30am until I was discharged. I also got the copy of the letter to GP etc a few days later.

Has the surgeon saw you at all after the operation and discussed what was done?

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Marnieraex in reply to Stellauk

No I haven't seen the surgeon but I was just told no endometriosis was found and they'd see me at my follow up

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Stellauk in reply to Marnieraex

Maybe you could get a copy of the letter that sent to GP. That would detail all the surgery carried out and follow up arrangements.

I really don't think it is very good to leave the patient on a limbo like this. I would make a follow up appointment asap.

All the best for your recovery.

I had laparoscopy/cystectomy at the end of May and haven't had any follow up. My surgeon wasn't in the hospital when I was discharged the day after surgery so I only spoke to her when coming round from the operation. Does anyone know what the normal procedure is, as I assumed there would be a consultation following surgery?

I went to my gp who could see my notes from the surgery and she wrote to my surgeon to ask for a follow up appointment. My surgeon is now going to call me to discuss as she says i would wait ages for an appointment. I'm hoping the lack of urgency to discuss means she isn't concerned about anything but its just all really frustrating!

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