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Consultant follow up


So I saw my consultant Tuesday for a 5 month follow up.

He was on the ball and noticed I'm still carrying my nerve pain cushion and my intake of breath as I lay down he's going to refer me to a pain specialist so I guess I shouldn't still have this pain.

We also talked about sex still being very painful and he said internally I have healed fine so he recommended amielle a vaginal trainer on Amazon. That's going to be interesting.

Then we talked about all the digestive and reflux problems I've been having and how I've lost nearly a stone in weight. He said that was a red line sounded really concerned and promised to refer me to a gastro.

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So glad they’re listening. I hope you can get your pain under control.

I will have to look up the vaginal trainer.. I’ve never heard of that before 😱

Also glad he’s referring you to a gastro. I hope everything works out for you sooner rather than later. Xx hugs

Hi, glad he is listening to you. Can I ask where you use your nerve pain cushion for and if you find it helps? x

It's a u shape memory foam orthopedic seat cushion for coccyx tailbone nerve pain I developed post op that runs down my legs. I bought it off Amazon. It does help a lot so despite embarrassment I carry it every where

Thanks. I have sever lower back pain going right in to my front and even heat is not helping. I am desperate to try something else! Hope the gastro referral works well for you x

I also use a McKenzie lumbar roll. But my lower back pain has improved a lot since my op as a lot of it was being caused by adhesions .

I will look at these. How did they get rid of the adhesions? My GP suspects it’s endometriosis, and been to see Gyne go for lap next week x

It was part of my excision operation to remove the nodule itself ( aka "Dave") shave my bowel, repair my vagina, and excise other plaques of endo on my u/s ligaments, bladder, peritoneum above my ovaries. They were full Endo adhesions pulling my bowel totally out of shape (rather than post surgical ones). The u/s ligament Endo was also probably a contributor to the back pain from what I've read.

Wow u have had a time of it! Bless you! I should stop moaning reading what you and others have been through x

Regarding the vaginal trainers Amielle you can get them on prescription my dr did mine so I imagine it's cheaper than on Amazon x

I’m so relieved for you that you finally have a doctor who is taking all of this seriously and that you have some support ( and action) within the medical profession. I hope that the suggestions help. Take care X

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