Laparoscopy followed by bowel problems, not helped by Zelletta


I'm in limbo at the moment, so was wondering if anybody has had any similar experiences.

Last summer (2014), I had a laparoscopy and was told I had stage IV endo, and that my cyst the size of a grapefruit was removed. After this op I was put on 3 months of zoladex, this then caused minor problems (hot flushes, night sweats), but when I came off of it, the pain in my side was back immediately. I also had chronic constipation. From October that year to May 2015 I had to suffer the bowel pain as my GP thought it was due gynae problems, and in May 2015 I had another laparoscopy (after waiting over a year on the NHS- I had to go private), and had all of my endo removed, two cysts, my left ovary, my appendix, and my bowel separated from my uterus.

After the op, I had a few set backs with infections and such like, but had a few normal bowel movements. Then it went back to normal, and I was constipated but still doing around 4-8 small movements a day, or none at all. My GP had also put me on zelleta. This was supposed to stop my periods, but I Have had 3 in the last 5 weeks, and 2 of those have been 8 days long. With that, comes more unpredictable bowel movements, as my period always affects my bowel. My GP has given me Mebeverine , but this just takes some of the pain away after eating. I had a colonoscopy on Friday and there's apparently no problems in my bowel, but I had some biopsy's just to make sure.

So, I'm asking, after laparoscopy's, or major surgery has anyone else experienced these problems? I know my GP is going to try and palm me off by saying I have IBS, especially because I have other health problems (Hypermobility and chronic fatigue syndrome), but I didn't have these problems before surgery.

Also, do you think I should come off zelletta? I don't really want to go down the mirena coil route, and the combined pill used to turn my stomach, so that's not much help either? Any advice, or anyone in a similar position, I'd love to hear from.

I'm really beginning to lose my mind. I was first diagnosed with endo in may 2012 and its taken this long to get "sorted", I just want to do whatever possible to stop it coming back, but be able to leave my house and not be chained to a toilet.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi I had coil fitted at age54 and topmup pop pill and haven't looked back hope that helps

    Persil xx

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