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hi. I have not been diagnosed yet but have had endo symptoms for about 8 years which have been gettin worse over the past year. Also failure to fall pregnant after 4 n half years of trying. I have had ultra sounds etc n came back clear so I am now waitin on gyno appointment. I was just wondering if endo can effect your bowel movements I have never had trouble with this up untill about 2 months ago. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Xx

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  • Hi yes it can. If endo is anywhere near the bowel it can have an effect.. If there is endo on your bowel you should only be treated by a specialist surgeon on the BSGE list not by General gynaecologist. So if you get a lap it they do find your bowels are involved or you have severe endo then please request referral to one via GP. Have a look on the BSGE website to find one near you. Good luck. If you have any questions I will try and answer them as best I can.

  • thanks so much I jst wasn't sure I went to my doc n told her about bowel problems n straight away she ruled out my pains as bowel spasms even though I've only been having these problems for a couple of months but been in pain n different symptoms for 8 years. The worst pain is in my pelvic area n left side. I also get alot ov pain at the very bottom of my back/ top of my bum n I get really bad pressure as if everything's going to fall out of me n I actually have to stop what I'm doing and stand there with my legs crossed because it is so bad. I don't know much about endo it was one of my friends that said it sounds like I have it so I looked more into it. Xxx

  • Hi you really need further investigation as you've been ttc for so long. Emotionally you need answers. I only got diagnosed because I had been trying for the same amount of time. Had ultrasound back in October 2014 which showed a 6cm endometrioma. By the time I had diagnostic lap in July 2015 it had grown to 11cm. Was told at this point that the endo was so bad and due to possible adenomyosis I would be extremely unlikely to conceive. I had been having symptoms since I was 15(now 42). Don't do like I did and give up try to find answers. I ended up having a abdominal hysterectomy with removal of both tubes and ovaries along with excision beginning of March. I know you are probably scared but you need to know if something is wrong then hopefully it can be put right and then you can hopefully go on to conceive. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • the closest BSGE is in Aberdeen I live in Ayrshire. Xxx

  • my doctor actually said to me that my symptoms arnt related. To each other. Which made me really angry tbh xx

  • Hi Hun you know your body better than anyone , so if know something isn't right keep fighting. To be honest most GP don't have a clue when it comes to endo.when I went because I couldn't get pregnant was told it was probably fibroids or something simple. But I had known for a long time that something was wrong . Something inside just didn't feel right, know I know why. Everything was so completely stuck together with adhesions my surgeon couldn't initially find my uterus. No wonder I felt so stiff.  hopefully your appointment with gyne will be more helpful. Again good luck Hun and I'm here if you need to talk.

  • thanks misses. When I went for my scan they couldn't find my left ovary so had to get an internal scan n they eventually found it. I don't know if its related but I jst remembered when I went for my smear test last year she said I had the cells outside of my cervix do you know if this means anything or I that normal. The nurse didn't seem worried about it xxxxx

  • Did she mean endo cells? When you have gyne appointment I would ask about it. They should be able to access the results so should be able to explain. The fact they had trouble finding ovary would suggest to me that endo is pulling it out of place.  I found out at my follow up on Thursday that mine were actually stuck together behind uterus. If most of your pain is left sided I'd say that ovary is involved and possibly rectovaginal endo could be a possibility. Do you get pais going down your leg or when having sex or after?

  • r u feelin better now did they remove the adhessions etc?? I don't know if that's what she meant Bt she didn't say to get any tests etc. Yep I get really bad pains on my upper legs jst before n while havin my period. And also get pain during sex and sometimes after xxxx

  • Yeah sounds like rectovaginal endo. Fingers crossed you get sorted. I'm doing ok . Yeah the got rid of everything. The strangest thing is when I turn over at night I can actually feel my bowels move inside which is really odd! Still swollen a bit and still having issues with bowel but it's getting better. Just takes time to heal.defo ask at appointment about smear results, just to be on the safe side. I'm sure it's nothing but best to check. Look after yourself Hun but let me know how it goes.

  • thanks so much uve been a great help. N glad ur in the road to recovery n feeling better xxxxxx

  • That's what my gynae told me. I know what you mean about being angry

  • its horrible makes you feel like no one is listening to u xxxxx

  • hi misses hope your well. I got my appointment for gyno through yest its NT till August. And states on it that I was refferred because I cant fall pregnant. Do you think I should phone n tell them that yes that is a problem but also that I'm in constant pain n think I might have Endo?? Xxxx

  • It's certainly worth trying. August is a long time away especially if you're in pain. If you do call them explain everything to them and tell them you're happy to take a cancellation. It may speed things up a bit. Hope you're ok 

  • will do thanks misses xxxx

  • Hi,

    As Jean said if it is located near/on/around your bowel it can affect it.

    My endo is on my bowel - I have pain when I am going the toilet around the time of my period (it literally feels like someone is sticking a knife up there). I also suffer with urgency and tend to go the toilet a lot. I have heard of other suffers who have constant constipation.

    Good luck with your appointment

    D x

  • thank you for the info. I kept being fobbed off by the doctor but hopfilly will find out more at gyno appointment. Xxxx

  • I've been having IBS symptoms for nearly a year now. Gynae who performed the lap said there is now connections but I know myself that's not IBS. The lap didn't find endo near the bowel but my intestine on right is laying on top of the ovary so I think gynae simply couldn't get a full picture.

    I am constipated a lot of the time (prunes are my besties these days), I've got strange mucus (sorry, it might be a bit gross to some), tummy cramps when I need to go and sometimes I need to go a lot (as oppose my old regular self) but it is hardly worth it.

    Bloating and flatulence - so far OH thinks thinks this is funny as he never heard me fart before!

  • it is horrible. Most ov my pain is on left side. Pelvis, back, top ov leg n all down my leg. My doctor jst wont lusten she says its bowel spasms even though I have been havin pains etc fr 8 years Bt only bowel problems recently. Xxxx

  • Hi Lynzi,

    I was referred by my GP with suspected endometriosis based on my heavy periods, trouble with conceiving and pain with bowel movements. I had a laparoscopy 1 year ago and they found that my fallopian tube was stuck to my bowel and I had endo tissue in several areas including my bowel. please don't be fobbed off by your GP, trust your instincts and see a different doctor. I am due to go back to see the gyno next week as my symptoms have returned unfortunately but at least this time they know what it is.

    You mention you are in Ayrshire. I live in Irvine and the consultant I see is Dr.Rae based at Crosshouse. 

    If you need to talk I am here.

    Lisa x

  • the doctor I've to see is dr acharya at crosshouse xxxx

  • I jst got my gyno appointment through its NT till August and states its because I cnt fall pregnant Bt not my pain do doc probz didn't tell them in the refferral about my pain. She only refferred me because I pretty much made her. Doctors r terrible its as if they don't care. Thanks misses xxxx

  • I called the hospital today to get an appt and was told dr. Rae had one in July available but apart from that it would be August. I've went private to get seen by him quicker but this is only because my work pay for it. What about calling Crosshouse and asking to get seen by another doctor that can take you quicker or tell them dr. Rae was recommended. You might get seen a bit sooner. 

    It's horrible when a gp makes you feel like you have to fight for a referral. You know your own body. 6 years ago I was having terrible stomach pains every few nights, I would be writhing in agony on the floor. I had just had my son three months previously and I told the doctor the pains were worse than labour but several times I was sent away with a prescription for gaviscon and told I had heartburn. Turns out I had a gallbladder full of tiny stones that were leaking in to my blood stream and I needed emergency surgery. 

    Once you see the specialist you will feel like a weight has been lifted and you can get some answers. The gyno will be a lot more understanding than your gp. 

    Take care and chin up chick xx

  • thanks misses I might do that. I'm sore everyday its NT major pain its a dull constant pain around where my ovary is and lower back at same side. I get sharp pains n pressure, sore legs n severe pressure down below. On n off all the time n constantly tired. The thing thats really annoyin me jst now tho is the bowel movements coz its really sore on my stomach if I need the toilet xxxxxx

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