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Bowel endo


Just wondering if anyone else has had problems after having endo removed from outside of bowel?

I had my surgery on 6th March and I'm still not good. I seem to be getting worse. I use to get a bit of pain with bowel movements before op but last few weeks it's been getting worse and worse To the point were I'm hardly eating. The pain is horrendous, I can't move and brings tears to my eyes. Something doesn't feel right, do you think it's just healing still or has any of you experienced same thing?

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Aww that sounds horrible. Could you email or call your surgeon's secretary to ask about it? Or if you go to a centre with an endo nurse you could ask the nurse.

It seems wrong that it is getting worse so quickly.

emmaibiza in reply to Mabes

Thanks for reply hun. I'm having a mri in 2 weeks for some other things they found wrong so maybe that will show if anything is wrong.

Just don't understand why it's so painful. Something just doesn't seem right to me x

Mabes in reply to emmaibiza

I hope the MRI provides some answers. I agree it seems wrong to be experiencing this.

Has your infection cleared up?

emmaibiza in reply to Mabes

Yes its cleared up now thanks hun. Hope you are OK xx

I had bowel resection in Feb this year. Bowel surgeon said my various bowel pains post surgery are normal due to such major surgery. It can take up to 12 months for bowel to heal. My pains worried me post op but they're settling down. I have good days and bad days still. I was advised to take lactulose rather than laxatives as they are too severe for bowel. Plenty of water and fibre. I still reduced the amount of wheat and red meat I eat. Hopefully you'll have some answers on your follow up appointment xx

emmaibiza in reply to StacyP21

Thanks hun that's a big help. 12 months is a long time for it to heal isn't it. I've got some laxido but I try to not use it to much. I have changed my diet so I'm having fibre but not to much. I'll mention it next time I see my consultant xx

StacyP21 in reply to emmaibiza

You're welcome. I am seeing positive changes already so don't worry too much about how long it could heal xx

emmaibiza in reply to StacyP21

If your op was the month before mine hopefully it will start easing more soon. Just worried as it keeps getting worse not better but you've put my mind at ease if you've been the same. Id be lost without this site and probably set up camp at my gp surgery instead haha x

Have a chat with your gp but I do remember it tooks ages and ages for my bowel to settle after surgery and I suffered awful cramps but it did eventually settle

Hope you get some relief soon .

emmaibiza in reply to mablesky

Thanks hun. That's a big help. Stops me worrying so much when other girls say that suffered the same. Just wasn't sure if it was normal. I'm sure my gp use to be a bowel surgeon he's quite good with that so i might give him a ring next week see what he thinks. Thanks for reply hun xx

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