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Laparoscopy bowel attached

Hi there,

Yesterday I had my first laparoscopy and they found no endometriosis which is great news. They did say they found my bowel was quite "full" and that it had attached to my abdominal wall. They said it explains the pain I've been having but don't know why it's happened as it's usually caused from scar tissue after having previous surgery or infection on the bowel (which I've not had).

I have to wait 3 months for my post op consultation and I'm not really sure what to think. They didn't seem too concerned but I don't know how serious it is? And why are my periods so irregular and clotted? I tried to ask questions while I was there but I was so out of it I only asked the ones that were immediately in my head


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I hope they removed your bowel from your abdominal wall. My left ovary was stuck to my bowel and that was horrendous and I'm sure now thinking it's stuck again as getting the same issues again. The NHS did nothing as it was minimal endo but I was in agony I had to go private x


They did nothing at the time as I only consented to them removing any minor endometriosis they found. X


That's handy they should have just removed it to help reduce your pain and prevent you needing another surgery any time soon x


Yes probably but they did say it's not the gynaecologist department it would be the bowel specialist


Have they referred you to a gastroenterologist? Or a bowel surgeon? X


I have no idea. My post op consultation isn't for 3 months and its with my gynaecologist x


Did they remove the scar tissue from the bowel? Did they clean your whole abdominal area from scar tissue, adhesions and cysts?

1) "Not sure how serious it is": pretty serious but fixable or, in your case, I hope already fixed by them during surgery (otherwise why did they perform surgery on you?)

2) "Why are my periods so irregular?": irregularity comes from hormone imbalance. You need to find the cause for that by getting blood work (your gynaecologist or GP should order blood test to determine the levels of oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and any other hormone they think might be involved).

3) "Why is it so clotted?": a highly clotted period is a common component in endometriosis. It is actually connected to our hightened immune response, unbalanced immune system and also hormonal irregularities.

There's a supplement available called Wobenzym which helps dissolve scar tissue and reduce clots in your menstrual blood. It is side-effects-free (even though the doctor should know you are taking it). It sounds like something that might work for you given your main issues are scar tissue in the abdomen and clots in your period. I would absolutely give it a try!

4) Yes, scar tissue usually comes from previous surgeries or an infection (if you have never had a vaginal swab I suggest you get one done immediately to search for the main infections) but endometriosis causes scar tissue as well. I suggest you investigate further.

5) And finally, PLEASE, only let endo specialists perform surgery on you. Any gynaecologist who performs surgery for endometriosis and is not specialised in endometriosis will only make it worse. I cannot stress this enough as it is absolutely vital.

Wish you all the best!


Hi thanks for your reply.

My procedue was diagnostic and I had not consented to any invasive treatment hence why they didn't do anything at the time. They said they found no endometriosis and no infection. They took a blood sample at my pre op and one just before I went under. I've had many swabs, all came back clear


Also looking up my doctor shows he is "certified in specialist training, obstetrics-gynecology"


A specialist in obstetrics-gynecology is NOT a specialist in endometriosis.

Gynecologists who specialise in endometriosis are probably 1:20.

You can find lists of endo specialists in your country online or on Facebook specific groups.

Surgery is pointless if all it does it open you up to diagnose it.

All women I know who went to endo centres to get diagnosed via laparoscopy were diagnosed but also completely cleared from endometriosis during surgery.

The surgery they would perform on you is a normal laparoscopy, absolutely non-invasive. I don't know why you have the impression you might need invasive surgery to get rid of all your endometriosis when it's going to be a laparoscopy like the one they have just done.

Having one surgery just for diagnostic purposes is very unfortunate because the more surgeries you have the higher the chance of endometriosis spreading or getting adhesions. So you absolutely need to seek an endo specialist (not just any specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, but an gynaecologist specialised in endometriosis specifically) and discuss excision surgery immediately as well as hormonal treatment following the procedure.

Wish you the very best of luck!


But I have been told they found no endometriosis and no infection. Also with free healthcare I get what I'm given I guess. If they found endometriosis they had my consent to burn whatever they found but when I say invasive I mean I didn't want them to interfere with organs or wake up with one less ovary.


Also to me it wasn't pointless. I've been given answers, just not all of them yet


I'm sorry but if they didn't find any endometriosis and you are telling me your general OB/GYN performed surgery on you, I'm afraid they are not experienced enough to recognize deep-infiltrating endometriosis or at least less visible one.

I suggest you seek a private consultation with a real specialist.


I really appreciate your advice but why is that you can't believe they just didn't find any?


It sounds impossible for a bowel to be attached to a uterus with no scarring, adhesions or nodules present. It's just impossible. The bowel has to be attached somehow, at least with adhesions.


Yes they said that, it's attached to my abdominal wall slightly. They said it's usually caused by previous surgery or infection because of scarring. I'll be asking lots of questions at my 3 month consultation. Private is not something I can consider


Ok, then maybe there really is no endometriosis. But did they manage to separate them by removing the scar tissue that binds them together?


No as that can cause more adhesions and because of what I had consented to. They also said there's a good chance I can clear symptoms with a change of diet and basically aid my digestion to soften everything up.


Yes. I have been hormone-free for two years now. I have followed healendo.com program. It's quite amazing :) you should check the website out, there is so much about the bowel :)

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