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I really just need a rant I don't no what to do. Ive tried so many different things to take away the pain but nothing is helping :( im in constant daily pain. I have had a laparoscopy where they lasered off the endo which made no difference to my pain at all! Ive tried the pill which didn't work. Ive been put on decapeptyl injection. Which also hasn't made a difference jsut horrible side effects. Ive bought a tens machine and pain killers seem to give me stomach pain :( Ive changed my diet and am on amitriptyline. This has been going on for 10 months now. Every day is just a massive struggle! Do I just accept my life is going to be like this? Or could I have something else causing my pain. My gynaecologist won't see me until August! I just keep crying! Xx

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Sorry to hear you're In so much pain. I'm not sure if you've tried it but I've previously gotten some relief from the coil. Stay strong. Sending hugs xx


Hi Hun. I really feel for you and it's crap that we all suffer like this in one way or another. The lack urgency from the NHS doesn't help. I've been the same again for 2 years in consistent pain. Last November I was bad that I ended up in A&E and I've not been able to work since. I went to my doctors and bagged this woman doctor to help or else. She referred to a private clinic as an NHS patiant and things have started to more in the right direction. Take care. Julie. Xxx big hugs.


I suspect that your gynae won't see you because they don't know what to do. Check here to see if your gynae is on the list of endo specialists bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... If not, go back to your GP and demand referral to one of your choice. If the gynae is on the list go to your GP and demand a second opinion with another endo specialist. Refusal to see someone when they are so ill is disgraceful. You shouldn't be left high and dry like this in so much pain.

General gynaes are often insufficiently skilled and inexperienced in endo which is why it has a specialism of its own. Also, laser is known to be not as effective as surgical excision with many instances of endo growing back.

The other reason for your pain could be post operative adhesions.

Good luck. x


You can't be expected to wait till August,Mao to your Gp and request to be referred to s endo specialist, your surgeon should not have used laser to remove your endo, and a specialist in this field now only use excision ( cut from the root) if lasered it can gro w back quite quickly,

It's s shame we have to fight so hard to get that we need, but be strong and demand a specialist refferal .

You will be able to get some relief, just need the right person to do the job,

Good luck xxxx


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