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What will help with the pain?

I had a laparoscopy just over 12 months ago as my pain was getting unbearable, it helped for a little but has been starting to get worse again. I have tried a lot of different painkillers off the doctor and none of them have made even a slight bit of difference and I have had reactions to all of them. I have now been given Mefenamic Acid to try but have had something similar to this before and am not feeling hopeful. Has anyone tried it and what do you think? Are there any stronger painkillers people have tried that work? I don't like taking tablets all the time but I'm now at the stage where my pain is that bad and constant I have had to leave my job because of it. I just need something to take that edge off so I can get back to work asap!

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I take naproxen and co codamol with a gel heat pad (you can get them from amazon or a pharmacy) the only downside to the heat pad is it can leave bruise like marks! But I wouldn't be without mine!!

I also believe that the severe pain that hits you like a brick with a large dose of nausea is ruptured cyst/twisted cyst bowel etc..

As last week had severe lower back pain all week (in tears) by weds it moved to the front left ovary area (more tears) then followed through with diarrhea pain has reduced for the moment but I'm dreading my period!!

Good luck to you all and just don't take no for an answer!!

My gyni said he didn't think I had endo but would do a lap if I wanted it! It was done June 2013 and endo confirmed with left ovary stuck to pelvic wall (which was proberly caused by a ruptured cyst). X


Mefenamic acid is about the only thing which has ever worked at all for me. I asked for them to be prescribed in smaller-dose tablets so that I only had to take the absolute smallest amount needed and could spread the dose out, as I found that taking 500mg at once caused side-effects.


Hi, Yazza you're saying your dreading your period. Couldn't you stop them with Norethisterone for example? As anyone else here used it? I'm gonna ask. Good luck Yazza x


Different things work for different people. I use Co Drydamol and Gp has recently given me a stronger version.

Codeine based does seem to be more effective for me but codeine can constipate especially bad when like me you have Diverculitis. I take them always, with a stool softener like Fybogel sachets or Lactalose or both.

I was given Zapain but that really bunged me up. Naproxen is usually chosen rather than Ibuprofen 400 as ibuprofen long term can cause stomach ulcers. Having said that, occasionally when pain is unbearable I have taken Ibuprofen 400 with a Co Drydamol and it helps. You need to go back to your Gp.


Thank you everyone for replying, I've been back to my doctors that many times I've lost count and came away with nothing strong enough (got prescribed paracetamol once!). I've tried Naproxen but had bad side effects with it. I've tried Codeine based ones too but they don't seem to do anything :(

Yazza, I've got heat pads and I've even tried prescribed ones with medicine in them, they help the slightest bit but only for a little. When I had my lap they confirmed endo and like you my left ovary was stuck. Which is also why I'm getting a little anxious in case this pain means something has happened again. Unfortunately my Gynae has said there is nothing at all he can do or recommend any painkillers until I have had the Mirena Coil put in and tried that for 6 months. Two things with this option, I react to the hormones in things and can't go on the pill because of it so don't fancy having it stuck in me for 6 months when I know I'm going to react to it, secondly even if I could have it, I've heard bad things from people with endo about it. My GP agreed I didn't need to get it though and hence put me on the Mefenamic Acid but he too doesn't believe how much pain I'm in even though I've told him about having to quit my job and everything.

FN75 hopefully this will work for me too, fingers crossed. But if not I will just have to keep going back in but I don't even know what to ask for!

Thanks again everyone for your replies, much appreciated x


I am sorry to hear that Chil616, I left my job because of the pain as well. Then I got a new treatment in Spain which tokk the pain away most of the time. Anyway I have a question for you, who is the one giving you the painkillers? Normally in each big city there is a special unit calling "pain unit" or something like that. If it is your GP and he doesn't have any more resources you should ask him to send you there.

Good luck


Thank you,

What treatment did you have in spain? And my GP is the one giving me the painkillers but as I've reacted to nearly everyone he's gave me (I think they're all in the same groups and this is why I'm reacting but I'm not a doctor so can't say for sure) he put me on a pain management programme in the hospital as he's not hopeful that any painkillers will work and I have just finished this 2 weeks ago, it has shown me ways to deal with some of the pain but not when it's really bad (which is becoming more often).


I was prescribed Mefanamic Acid for bad period pains but found that alternating paracetomol with ibuprofen (ie 2 para, then 2 ibu 2 hours later and so on) actually had a better effect. Have you tried a TENS unit? They can really help if you can't use a heatpad.


Have you tried diclifenac suppositories ? I find these really effective.



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