Hi just need to let off some steam. Have had such a bad day the pain has been so bad today , just tried to make doctors appointment and they can't fit me in till second week in October. I feel so desperate I just want it all to stop. Work really don't understand what I'm going through . Was diagnosed with severe endo and possible adeno in July through a lap where they also drained a 11cm cyst. Started on Zoladex beginning of month , since then my bowels appear to have gone to sleep which I'm sure isn't helping the pain . I suffer with depression anyway but have never before felt the way I do now. I just don't know what to do don't even know if I can face going into work tomorrow. Sorry for the rant.

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Don't apologise; I regularly feel it just isn't worth the pain and even considered going to Switzerland but although endometriosis is long-term and debilitating, they won't help unless it is terminal. I have spent an absolute fortune on private doctors and treatments and procedures only to have the same pain...

I feel for you....sometimes you just can't deal with it and to top it've got to force yourself to get through work!

You rant away...I know sometimes I just yell out loud for the endometriosis to "f@£k off"......makes me look and sound like a loon but it gets my frustration out...

So sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough time over the last few months. I also had a lap recently in August when I was diagnosed with endo and adenomyosis, I know how overwhelming it can feel to get this diagnosis. It makes things so much harder when your work is not uderstanding/supportive as well. I ho

Whoops didn't mean to send this so early. I hope things start to improve and get easier for you soon and that tomorrow is a better day for you x

Awwww, Can you phone and ask for an emergency appointment, the way you seem to be feeling i think it is pretty urgent and you shouldn't feel bad for taking up an emergency appointment when you're feeling this way, the doctor needs to be aware of exactly how you are feeling and whether you are coping, it's clearly affecting your quality of life right now. *hugs*

I've actually phoned in sick so that I can do that today . Hopefully I can get some help . Thanks for your reply.

I really would take yourself to A and E, honestly. They may actually do something then

Or a walk in centre? From experience they seem to push things through

Hi - I replied to a previous post. Did you get a referral to an endo specialist centre as your stage of endo must only be dealt with there where the surgeons have to have had at least two years' specialist excision training that general obs/gynaes do not have. This applies wherever you are in the UK. Zoladex is unlikely to have any effect on this especially as your pain is likely to be caused by adhesions and nerve involvement that is not affected by oestrogen. If you are being dealt with in general gynaecology then they are effectlively in breach of NHS guidelines for the treatment of stage 4 endo. Where in the UK are you and would it be a possibility for you to fund an initial appointment with a private specialist at a centre, which may be around £200 - £250?

Depression comes with most chronic ill health and certainly in my case I new it was a consequence of my ill health and not an isolated condition in its own right. I think it comes from the sense of hopelessness and helplessness you feel, and if you can find the energy (and I know it is so difficult when you are in such pain) to take the driving seat and control your own treatment it gives you a sense of purpose that you need. Please send me a message if you need help obtaining proper treatment. x

Hi Lindle yes I'm at an accredited centre . Because they highly suspect adeno I'm having a hysterectomy for that and they will excise the the endo at the same time . There will also be a bladder and a bowel surgeon present . It's just this Zoladex , I'm just not sure I can handle the side effects.

Hi again - I see you only had your jab 12 days ago so you can expect to be in pretty stunning pain as it works by causing a dramatic increase of oestrogen through the 'flare effect' before shutting it down and this can last for 3 weeks or so. Pain meds might not touch it but I assume you are taking anti-inflammatories?

The only things I have been taking are paracetamol and ibrofen. Just been to docs and they've given me some co codamol for the pain, laxido as I'm severely constipated due to the Zoladex and also Citalopram for the severe depression also made worse by the Zoladex have to go back next week to see how I'm getting on.

Hopefully it should have settled a bit after a week or so. x

Thanks Lindle for your help and support its so nice to know that we're not alone.

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