Urgent help - gas pain

Today I had my 6th lap (in 12 years). Not sure if any of you ladies are still up but I need some gas pain advice as I am going out of my mind. It seems every lap I have my reaction to it gets worse - this is the same thing that happened at my last one but I assumed they were just useless and didn't push enough of it out. I guess not.

It's so f***ing bad, I can't sit back or lie down. Tried lying on my left, the pain under my diaphragm on the right goes nuts. Tried lying on my right, the shoulder pain made me cry. Managed to get fairly stable sitting in a really uncomfy chair with a heat pad behind my back and slumped over a pillow but now I have awful back pain from leaning over all day. Because I'm in a bloody hotel, I don't have a sofa, and the nearest plug is miles away from the bed meaning I can't rest against the headboard and use the heat pad, which is essential.

I have no peppermint tea, not even a mini bar for fizzy drinks which I know some people recommend. Husband has been literally rubbing my back all night but now he's asleep (long day).

Any ideas? I'm so exhausted, been up since 6am and I have ME. Taken all the painkillers I can (inc morphine and a voltarol suppository).

Has there been anything that has worked for you?

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  • Hey, sounds like you are not in a good place. As awful as it is the two things that helped me were moving around, and as awful as it sounds lying on my belly as it helped to move some of the gas. If not maybe rocking backwards and forwards. Sending you lots of hugs, really hope you start to feel better soon xxx

  • Peppermint tea or peppermint oil capsules saved my life with this pain!! Maybe someone could run out to a 24hr shop and get you some? It was worse than the actual surgery pain. If you can try and walk about the house a little bit to get the gas to move.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  • I realise it will be a struggle and you probably don't feel like it, but try moving about as much as you can that is supposed to help disperse it. Also do lots of gentle shoulder rolls, really hope it improves for you soon. :-)

  • Thanks ladies - I've been moving around a lot which initially did seen to help but the only thing that is comfortable now is this leaning forwards thing. Since I posted I've been trying to sleep in the chair (put my feet up another chair and sat mainly upright with a pillow and the heat pad behind me) which is causing other problems - I'm just so knackered I just want some sleep.

    There was nowhere near the hotel I could send my husband to pick stuff up. I'm kicking myself for not bringing some with me. The only thing haven't tried is lying on my stomach as every time I try to lie flat the pain gets so much worse, then it takes me ages to get it under control again. I'm desperate though so I will try.

    (I really hope this doesn't freak anyone out - the gas pain I had from my first few laps was never this bad, plus I have a very high tolerance to opiates so it's really hard to control my pain. I should have accepted the PCA and stayed overnight but I didn't expect this).

    Thanks so much to all of you for replying - I'll try lying on my stomach but otherwise I guess it will be a long night of sitting :-/

  • Keep pottering around- slowly but surely. also for lying down i find putting a pillow under my knees to arch them and so my belly wasn't being pulled flat really helped my pain so I could sleep.

  • Glad to see an update from you, sounds like maybe you should have stayed in they may have been able to keep the pain under control better for you, but don't beat yourself up, totally understand it's natural as most people want to get out of hospital asap! I'm sure it will start to improve really soon, but if not "maybe" consider seeking medical advice.

  • Now it's coming to daytime you must ring doctor!

    You can't go on like this!

    Sometimes it's hard to think want to see dr but you have to do.

    You've had surgery your just have to accept the pain & get help!

    Peppermint tea is the only thing that works properly.

    So ask someone to go get you some.

    Big hugs. Xxx

  • Peppermint cordial if you can get some today hun. Put some in hot water. It was the only thing that helped me. Hope you are feeling better today xx

  • Oh you poor thing. The gas pain was far worse than the surgery pain for me, it sent me into a panic attack and I started hyperventilating which hurt even more!

    Heat pad / hot water bottle directly on the pain, alternated with really vigorous shoulder rubbing by my partner is the only thing that helped me.

    The only consolation is you know it will get better, keep moving to help dislodge it. Good luck x

  • I found zantac (antacids) actually shifted my gas pain a bit as I was able to expel the gas easier. Also lying on my side with the top leg up seemed to help as well.

  • Windeze (Simethicone) - took it as soon as I could after coming back to ward and I kept on taking max dose for about a week. I had no wind pain! Yet with a laparotomy and no Windeze, I had the same situation you were in, and I also have M.E. so I get how dangerous (for worsening) and difficult this situation is for you. I hope that things have eased for you by now a bit, but if not then send hubby to chemist or call the hospital you were seen at.

  • Thanks ladies, really appreciate the support. Last night was horrendous, I probably had half an hour of sleep in five minute bursts while sitting upright in a crappy chair. If I ever have to stay in a hotel after an op again, I'll make sure I get one with a sofa!

    I've somehow survived the two hour train journey home (not too bad as I could sit upright and walk around, and less bumpy than a car) and I'm now installed on the sofa, propped up with loads of pillows, heat pad on plus peppermint capsules and windeze taken and I have some peppermint tea too. Really hope it eases enough to lie down for a bit!

  • Hi .sorry you're in such pain.try to walk around a little,it will expel the gas

  • Get ur partner to run ur forearm like hell, really hard- it really helped my shoulder pain, it confuses the pain recpetors in the brain.

  • Thanks ladies. It has been 48 hours and the gas pain is still bad - still can't lie down. Slept sitting up in bed last night and hurt my neck (barely slept at all), and it only eases if I sit in one very specific position. Getting up to move around every twenty minutes - I just want to lie down and go to sleep now! I've tried everything I can think of but it's not shifting. The last two ops I had before this, the gas pain was awful so I guess I just react more severely to it now than I used to. I remember that after my last lap I had the gas pain for five days so it could be a few more days yet before it passes.

    Just wanted to thank you all for your help - at least I know it will pass eventually

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