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So basically I have been diagnosed with endrometriotic cysts on the left and right ovaries left being 3cm and right being 8cm.

I have been in severe pain the past 2 months. I got booked for a laparoscopy which got cancelled and I got told I needed a follow up of which my gynaecologist said to me I need to put weight on before they can consider surgery. I have always been of the smaller size. I now have 4 month to put weight on which is impossible with the sicness and bloating I get with the cysts and endro. I'm in severe pain everyday and having to skip work some days. Ive been admitted to hospital twice in 2 month. Both of which sent me home and said I need to let my gynaecologist decide treatment. I just feel like the doctors and gyne don't care. Has any one been in this situation? Or similar. I wondered if going private would be better.

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Yes I had it with my first lap but mine was to loose weight in the end I ended up having emergency surgery as not to worry you but my chocolate cyst ruptured so they had no choice, possibly try eating high protein meals etc or even some of the meal replacement drinks my friend had them to help put her weight on as she was really thin can't remember what there called though, push the gynaecologist and explain about the pain and the sickness and what he would suggest to help you gain the weight you need for surgery good luck xx

Thankyou for your reply. I'm thinking just try my best to put weight on. How did you deal with the pain. I'm on naproxen and co codamol which isn't working at all xx

I've had all sorts and I am still now naproxen and nefopam work well together but if they don't work I tend to end up in hospital on morphine tbh. I'm currently waiting to go back to gynaecologist as I'm on prostap injections which are supposed to be putting me in a medically induced menopause however other than headaches I'm having no symptoms and have still had monthlys even though they upped my dosage and I'm still getting pain so I'm thinking I'll be having a hysterectomy as this was my last option before the only option being a hysterectomy. I can't say if what has worked for me will work for you as it doesn't always work for others. I have found though that after some time I seem to build up a kind of immunity to things then I have to find something else I hope this info helps a little. Try adding complan shakes or similar they should help with the weight gain but the contents in them may help with other side effects of endo also building your core up helps maybe swimming if you can do it as the water supports you so not as bad as doing a gym session but will give the same results xx

Thankyou it has helped a lot. I'm trying to conceive. We have been for 2 years. Thanks for the replies. Xx

No worries if it helps I swear by my laps not saying it will be the same but I still say if I didn't have mine I wouldn't have my boys we had tried for nearly four years for the second I had lap in the July 2011 to remove two cysts and had my tubes flushed to make sure no blockages etc and had some scar tissue removed from a previous lap. I was given six months to conceive or I was being put in a medically induced menopause I conceived in the August 2011 and had him June 2012, same thing with my first had a lap in the January 2006 again conceived in the August and had him in June 2007. I'm not saying it's true but I believe without them doing the laps (giving my insides a good clean) I would never have had my boys. xx

I was under 7-and-a-half stone when I had surgery. I'm genetically slim anyway but I'd lost weight from being in so much pain. I was pretty frail in the lead up to surgery because my muscles were wasting away from lack of exercise. My BMI recorded by my G.P was listed as underweight but no one ever suggested that this would be an issue with surgery. The surgery was successful.

If you're very underweight, you should speak with your GP as they could help you with a plan to gain weight safely. You'll need to make sure that whatever you take doesn't exacerbate your symptoms, though. You don't want to be eating a load of toxic crap. You could try to do it naturally with healthy carbs like sweet potatoes.

You might want to check with a few other sources re. the weight versus surgery issue. I was treated at a leading academic hospital, and like I said, being underweight wasn't an issue.

Good luck. x

Thanks for your reply. I've rang my specialist today to see if they can see me earlier. Hopefully they'll get something done xx

Hello Sherry I really feel for you, I myself have been in pain everyday since April this year and have had trouble with ovaries cysts, Endo and PID infection since 9 years ago, been to various consultants from 2 hospitals and had an lap op to see what's causing the pain, with a lot of scar tissue which they have said is linked to my bowels which make having an hysterectomy to much of an risk, also liquid found in the Pouch of Douglas. I take painkillers every day and heat for stomach and back (heat pads or water bottle) to try and ease and cope somehow with the pain. I have seen the consultant again, this time trying Zoladex implant injection 3.6 mg and HRT tablets everyday for 6 months til October but this has only made me worse with dull ache and sharp pains in lower back and bottom area has well as in pain around left ovary sharp pain/dull ache. I am now awaiting appointment in a months time to check Bowels. I've been on the phone to the my local gp saying that I am in pain all the time, and what else can I do to help myself and they just can't help, just take painkillers all the time. I can not wait to stop Zoladex in October and try and find out what is going on with me. Have not tried the Mirena Coil yet, just mini pill which made me bleed everyday. Have lost weight and seems worse after eating food. Hope this helps you and you can get some consultant that will listen and sort this out for you. You will have to keep on at them and keep chasing them up on this for help.

Very Good Luck to you x

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