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Please help!! Severe right hand groin pain and bowel problems

Hi I am new to this site but am after any advice as at the end of my tether. I have suffered for many years with severe right hand groin pain ( it comes and goes) No diagnosis has ever been given apart from possible irritable bowel syndrome. . I have unclassified connective tissue disease and bronciecstsis in my lungs. 3 years I had a laparoscopy which found I had got mild endeometriosis and a small fibroid at the back of the uterus( doctors still said that this would not be causing the pain). 3 weeks ago I developed severe pain again in my right hand groin where I was admitted to hospital for 6 days, pain was so bad that I ended upon morphine and tramadol. Had ultrasound scan and ct scan which showed small fibroid( again doctors said pain would not be caused by this) came home from hospital only to be readmitted as the pain was so severe , have had problems with bleeding from bowel and severe pain in rectum, had an emergency colonoscopy which thankfully has shown nothing sinister awaiting biopsy results. I have still got severe pain , and on moving around feel like a dull pulling sensation in my privates, which is very painful. I am unable to work as cannot hardly walk . I am goingto see consultant tomorrow . Has anybody else experienced these symptons with endeometriosis?? I'm so upset as there does not seem to be a diagnosis as to what is causing the pain.

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Hi Flossy69,

I have. I've had this symptom each time and three laporscopic surgeries to remove endo and then a laporotomy to remove uterus suspected of adenomyosis. It helped every time. Now after 11 years since the hysterectomy of which I had no more pain except for periodic ovarian cyst ruptures, this right sided groin pain as well as back and buttock pain has returned. So naturally I have been pursuing doctors to help me by way of laporscopic diagnosis again. It's been 9 months but I finally saw a specialist who has agreed to do surgery. So I'll find out in March sometime if I have adhesions or endo again. In the meantime I am following the endo diet and do find it is making the pain more bearable. Pain killers have no effect on this particular pain, even when the gave me the torodol shot for a burst ovarian cyst, it stopped the ovary pain but not the hip/back/buttock pain whatsoever.

Keep being pro-active at determining the cause. I refuse to accept that I have to suffer and mask this and be a chronic sufferer. I had the bowel and rectal bleeding as well and this elimination diet is helping considerably with that too.


Hi and sorry you are suffering. It sounds like adhesions which may not be picked up by ultrasound. I have it on my bowel and wind or exercise,twisting,constipation etc all can set it off. Jeans are out the question as the tightness sets it off too. I had the colonosopy last WK and the pain came on when he hit the sigmoid colon so I suspect that's the area that gives you the low right sided pain. Hope you find an answer. Maxie x



Yes I have had similar experiences to yourself, I had stage 3 endometriosis but only recently diagnosed after 4 yrs of tests ect... They thought it was Gastro problems firstly an I was discharged 3years ago I kept going back to GP for years and got palmed off with its your contraceptive implant. I had rectum bleeding, server cramps ect... No one listened until I saw a gynaecologist in March this year, and had a lap in April which found a huge mass. They didn't know what it was so didn't touch it! I still had pain and wanted investigation, I have seen 4 different consultants and finally two weeks ago had this mass removed. Turns out I have server endo, only one ovary and Fallopian tube which was attached to the back of my uterus, no wonder I was in so much pain!

My point is do not give up keep going back to your GP and ask to see a gynaecologist and then ask for investigations into all this pain to be dealt with. Scans can be good but doesn't always pick up the severity of a persons pain unless they do a laparoscopic procedure.


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