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New member please help!!!! Endometriosis and fibroids?

Hi I am very new to all of this

I have been on the contraceptive pill since I was 17 because prior to this I was always having really painful periods. I came off the contraceptive pill six months ago as me and my husband to be want to start trying for a baby next year after we are married.

When I came off the pill I began having really painful periods, the last two in particular have been excruciating has anyone else experienced vomiting whilst on their period? I was told that the vomiting was a sign of pain? Has anyone else experienced this????

Anyhow the last one I had was so painful that I ended up in hospital where they discovered a fibroid roughly the size of a lime. However I have been to see a consultant today and they have now told me that they strongly believe I could have endometriosis and I questioned whether the pain could be the fibroid but the consultant seemed convinced that it was more likely endometriosis and has requested the laparoscopy.

What I am interested to know would be is if there are any other women out there that have had a fibroid and have also been diagnosed as having endometriosis????

I have never even heard of this condition until a few weeks ago so it is all really new to me so far my symptoms have been, really painful periods and vomiting, lower back pain, pain in my right thigh and groin area this almost feels like nerve pain? which I asked him about today and he seems to dismiss has anyone else experienced this type of pain in the thighs and groin almost like nerve pain? I have also had extreme tiredness fatigue and when I was 16 was diagnosed with IBS which I have now learnt could have been the same symptoms?

any other help recognising the symptoms would be much appreciated. Very scared : (

Hannah x

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Hi Hannah. I was diagnosed formally yesterday at laparoscopy. I don’t have fibroids, just endometriosis and have suffered with groin/thigh/lower back pain, almost like a burning pain. Also diagnosed with IBS around 7 years ago and also read there is a cross-over of symptoms there like bloating etc.

Hope you get sorted. xx

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Thank you so much for your reply, do you just get pain when you have your period or do you get pain throughout the month as well? how are you feeling after lap? Im due to have mine in February....


Initially I only got pain with my period but over the last year it got a lot worse and I started getting pain most of the time (I’m 30 now). Feeling ok, just very sore. You’ll be fine. I was really nervous going into it. Just make sure you take it easy and keep on top of pain killers afterwards. Also highly recommend peppermint tea for the gas pain.


Thank you so much that really helps I am currently 30 myself and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Can I ask what painkillers you take for the pain? X


To be honest I never really found any that worked well for me. Tried Codeine, Co-codamol, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Mefanamic Acid, the list goes on. I found a hot water bottle helped. I struggled quite a lot with my pain so I’m really hoping I notice a difference once I’ve recovered from the surgery. Post-surgery I was given Co-codamol and Diclofenac. You’re definitely not alone, it’s an awful thing to endure. xx


Thank you so much for your response! I wish you a very speedy recovery!! And let us know if your symptoms improve! X


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