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Confused after 5 nights in hospital for severe endo pain travelling down right leg affecting bowel movement. What could this be?

After a run of things beinv relatively ok i made an appt to see my gynae 6 months ago as i knew the pain and 'wipe outs' (you'll know what i mean) were becoming worse. I was discharged cos my gynae thought i was managing ok.

Fast fowrard 6 months and I've just had 5 nights in hospital to get the severe pain sorted in my right side (site of previous ovary removal). This time the pain travelled up and down my right leg from the site of the pain and I struggled for a couple of days feeling constipated I'm normally ok in this dept. All scans have come back ok just a small fibroid in the uterus. I suspect it's the endo growing and wreaking havoc.

What is most frustrating is I was discharged from my gynae 6 months ago as it wasn't considered bad enough. I now have to wait for a gynae appt through my GP. This has had a huge impact on my life and well being over the years and here I am again grr.

The pain this time felt like another chocolate cyst. Is it possible to have one of these on a site where there is no ovary?

I feel weak, tired and lacking in energy and wondering what could be next.

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Good morning.

I was sorry to read that you have spent 5 nights in hospital. I hope you are feeling a little better?

There is a condition called ovatian remnant syndrome. I found this useful information for you :


Adhesions can also cause tremendous pain. And again that may be contributing to your probkems.

I have a lot of pain that goes down my right leg. I have a cyst on the right ovary and this ovary is stuck to my uterus and bowel.

Another possibility is that your endometriosis and/or adhesions has grown on your sciatic nerve. Again I also suspect I have this added problem on my left side. This causes me to get severe pain going down my bum down my leg. Some days I can not sit down for long, as it's too painful,

So I think you definitely need to demand further investigations in the form of an MRI and a laparoscopy. Could you have a chat with your GP and ask them to write to the hospital to hurry up your gynae appointment?

Best wishes and cyber hugs.

Barbara x


This is a very interesting article indeed.

Whilst in hospital they did a CT and ultrasound scan but said nothing showed up only a small fibroid in the uterus.

I'm at the point where I would like a hysterectomy and further lap by a surgeon who understand this ovarian remnant syndrome as I may have endo growing in places that only the lap would determine.

Thank you kindly for this article and your response.

Have a lovely pain free bank holiday (UK).

P's does an MRI show anything a CT scan wouldn't?


you much think you have great body lovely friends


I had an MRI and it showed adhesions. Fluid in my POD. Cysts, thickning of my ligaments and adenomyosis (+a fibroid)

I've never had a CT scan.

I have also requested a hysterectomy but I have to have an explority lap first as my vowel is involved.

Good luck.



Thanks for that enjoy your day xx


I have severe endo in the pouch if Douglas and this has the same symptoms. I always have right leg pain and bowrl movements are all over the shop. Before diagnosis a & e were always finding tiny fibroids on scans but endo wouldn't show up on those.


Thanks for your reply.

Please let me know how your condition is managed x


I have also had a bad week from pain I had a lap done June last year and found a small amount of endo also my left ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall (which he mobilised) I've recently had an internal ultrasound to find coil strings.. I asked the lady scanning if what I could feel was a cyst on my left ovary and she said it was!

I have been in hideous pain since last Monday when the gyni tried to remove coil (but failed) I have had dragging/ tearing/pulling pain also lower back pain and problems with my bowel which has coinsided with my period I'm not sure what to do next I have to have my coil surgically removed but don't want to keep going through surgery... X


Sorry to hear this I can totally empathise with your description of the pain.

Have you got adequate pain relief? If not please seek it out.

Since being in hospital and receiving the hard stuff I realise I should have had this before now. I have struggled with pain fir years. Although the side effects are horrible it's worth having a breather from chronic pain.

I really hope you get to the bottom of your situation.

It is lovely to have support and understanding like this from each other.


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