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Hi ladies,

I'm posting today as I am nearly at the end of my tether. It's been just over 2 years since my last lap where I had diathermy of endo on my ovaries and a mirena coil fitted. Sure enough as I knew it would happen I started to get pains again approx. 6 months ago. My GP put me on cerazette in addition to the coil and after that didn't work a double dose of cerazette. After that stopped working I was the put on provera tablets (10 mg three times a day) they have made my life unbearable. I was in constant severe pain for 3 weeks whilst my body got used to them and I have been suffering with extreme anxiety and depression. As my appointment with the gynae is in 2 weeks time I decided along with my GP to come off the provera.

I'm still feeling so low and I'm so worried that my pain is now going to spike due to coming off the provera. I'm now in trouble at work as I've been off sick and although my friends and family are supportive no one really understands.

I guess my post is just to reach out to people who understand.

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Hiya sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it at the moment. Diathermy just burns off the surace layer on endo but doesn't remove it all effectively so it may be that if all your endo wasn't removed this is whats causing your symptoms to resurface. It might be worth finding an endo specialist centre who you are confident would cut the disease out ( excision) rather than simply burning it off. There is a list of all the endo centres on the BSGE website. Hope this helps & i hope you get some relief soon xx


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