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Struggling to conceive

Hi everyone,

I'm 29, have had endometriosis for years and had 2 laps in the past before having the Mirena coil fitted during the last one. This was removed a year ago (after 3-4yrs) and we've been trying to conceive since but to be honest I'm really struggling to cope. The coil was great for me, my periods stopped completely but then after a few years I started getting what I call 'fake periods', where the pain would come and go according to a rough monthly cycle with mood swings, migraine etc. just no bleeding. Now, my periods are far worse than they've ever been, the length of the cycle is all over the place and I'm not sure how long I can continue to do this. I was told by a doctor that I wouldn't get a gynaecologist appointment until I've had 12 periods (11 so far).

Can anyone tell me how their endometriosis affected their fertility? And what are the next steps? I keep getting told that they'll investigate but no one will tell me *how* they're investigate. I think I'll feel more confident if I know what the next steps are rather than a vague notion. Also, did anyone else's periods change dramatically after a coil? My bleeding used to be very heavy for several days, but now it's very light and only lasts for a day. One doctor told me that it could be that the lining of my womb isn't thick enough and might need time to build up after the coil, but a different doctor said that as I have endo, my body is good at growing the lining so that's unlikely to be the issue.

I'm scared that I'll never get pregnant so I'd really appreciate hearing some success stories. Thanks!

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Hi, I'm relatively new posting, but been lurking for a while. I'm guessing everyone is very different, but prior to actually trying most doctors were more concerned with my age (now 39) and fertility than my endo. Now, they say my other things (like hormones) are fine, but endo is the concern. In my case, this has largely been in my ovaries, and currently one is still stuck behind my womb, with a healthy tube and the other has a blocked tube.

Once I was seen by the fertility clinic, it was all very quick. The main investigations are a (painful) injection of dye and X-ray to see if your tubes are blocked; hormone profiles including egg reserve and ultrasound to check womb lining, number of follicles, position of ovaries and cysts. From this info, the treatment plan varies from person to person. There are standard fertility protocols published by NICE ( a quick google search should find them) but each authority has its own version. At any point (and in my case) if they think that laps and other treatment wouldn't be successful, they can always go straight to IVF.

I had the mirena in three years and didn't bleed at all really. So, yes, dramatic change is normal, and my periods now are lighter and shorter than they've ever been, but apparently that might be due to my age rather than my endo. Sorry I obviously don't know your situation but I have lots of sympathy. There have been totally panicky moments where I feel I'll never get pregnant, and that's still highly likely. But, some women do and other health issues in my family mean I'm grateful for the relatively easy ride I've had endo-wise. It definitely helped once I had a date to see the fertility clinic and they really have been good at explaining procedures and choices. Time is on your side and know that there are plenty of other women rooting for you (sometimes it can feel like you're so alone and everyone else is managing to get pregnant. That simply isn't true.)

All the best x


Thank you for your reply, particularly the last part, my sister and three friends have all become pregnant still my husband and I started trying and it all happened within a few months for each of them so it's hard not to get frustrated.

I forgot to mention that only one of my ovaries is working, during the laps they found that one of them had basically been strangled by adhesions and was no longer functioning. I've been told that it doesn't matter as the working ovary will just pick up the extra work, and also told that it will decrease my fertility by 50%! I suppose the biggest problem at the moment is that I don't have any answers and the uncertainty is feeding my anxiety, I need to relax and remind myself that subfertility is not the same as infertility!

Off to look at the NICE guidelines!


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Hi there I am sorry you are going through this! I myself am 29 and have been ttc for what feels like ages now. June 2015 I was sent for bloods tests to check that I was ovulating. I had 3 blood tests taken a month to check my levels etc. When they came back normal I was then sent for an internal scan to make sure I never had any cysts. The result of this was that I had a cysts on my left ovary (I suffer from endromestosis) I was then referred to my local hospital to the gynecology/fertility department. Octoctober 2015 I had my second lap and had the HSG completed which showed that my tubes were clear but I had alot of adhesion scars and my ovary was stuck to my uterus. I was then given 3 months to try naturally after this. Still no baby. Then after 3 months I was given the opportunity to try IUI. I had my first cycle on Feb 2016, sadly this was a negative. I then had my second in May 2016 and again this was negative. I have now been approved for ivf. I have my first appointment in September of this year. I just wanted to say I wouldn't have left it longer than 12 months to get help and I knew something was wrong. I am hoping ivf works for me now. I just wanted to wish you all the best. Also if one of your tubes is blocked then may ivf is the way forward for you xx

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Thanks for posting this and all the best with IVF - sounds like we have similar history and similar projected IVF dates... Fingers crossed!

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No problem :) maybe join the infertility network on here it's very good x

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