First Lap Experience and Passing Urine Question

Hi Guys! Had my first ever op today, which was a lap and I was sooo nervous I was shaking but it was fine! In fact it was easier than routine things like smears etc! I never thought I would be saying that! Thank you to those that gave support on my previous post! I'm 24 and he removed extensive endo from ovaries and my bowel was stuck to other things so that was lazered away too (or whatever they do!) My query now is wee related - sorry haha! The nurse said if I do not pass urine then go to a and e. But I have passed alot, and keeping hydrated so all good there. However, where normally I would sit on the loo, relax and it would I have to sit for ages, really think about it and then push a bit for the urine to come out and have to keep doing that until I think my bladder is empty. I know they have played around with that area so is this normal while I heal? I have no idea! Its not painful at all, just annoying as I'm having to push to wee as opposed to flowing haha! Thanks guys ❤ xx

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  • This happened to me last week after my lap. It seemed to take me ages to pass urine but they were happy I was passing it. I was ok by the following evening. Glad everything went ok! Hope you feel better soon. X

  • Thank you for putting my mind at ease...glad it wasn't just me! It seems to be a bit easier now so thank you! 😊 x

  • Glad you are feeling a little better x

  • It does get better over time. I had catheter for 2.5 weeks after operation. It takes me several weeks to be able to empty the bladder properly.

    Hope you recover well.

  • Oh no, poor you! 😞 Luckily it seems a bit easier now so hopefully I will be ok as catheters are scary haha! Thank you 😊 x

  • I had the same after my lap. I could sit there for 10 minutes needing to pee and trying to get my bladder to respond and there was nothing. Then finally once you get it doing you get a slow stream. It's normal but very disconcerting. I also had pain when trying to open my bowels but that went away after a day or so. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Yes it is worrying isn't it! Yes I am not looking forward to that! Most of my symptoms were bowel related and they found that Endo was sticking my bowel and other organs or something dreading my first movement!! Thank you 😊 x

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