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Just had my first lap, finally some answers!


Well I'm still in hospital after finally having my first lap this morning, wasn't told much apart from that I have moderate (stage 3) endometriosis, so now I finally know that my pain wasn't 'normal' as I've been told so many times! Unfortunately I have endo all over and some of it is near my diaphragm and liver so he wasn't able to remove any of it today which means I need to have a longer, more complicated op. But I'm just glad I finally have a diagnosis x

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Validation at last! I hope that gives you some peace to now know? I just found out a few weeks ago and I did feel validated but also really angry that I'd been dismissed so much. It's good to let that anger out, I've found it hard as I kind of feel it's no one's fault really but it's helped me to talk about it and vent a bit.

I hope you're able to let yourself recover from the surgery and heal as best you can in preparation for the next stages of your treatment. I know that for me, having a diagnosis I'm a bit better at saying no and realising if people are unhappy with what little I can do, well that's their issue! Just listen to your body.

Take care x

lizzyxx in reply to weekari

Thank you ☺ I'm actually annoyed it's been left to get so bad as I only recently learnt at my appointment a few weeks ago that in a lap for suspected ectopic in jan 16 the surgeon wrote on his notes that I had lesions suspicious of endo and nobody bothered telling me! I've had countless doctors and hospital appointments since, all in which I was made to feel like I was exaggerating my pain. When it was in those notes all along x

weekari in reply to lizzyxx

That's awful! I was also made to feel I was exaggerating and that it was all psychological issues, I thought I was a bit mad really. It's bound to have had an affect on our wellbeing being treated that way. It's so common too. Something does need to change with how suspected endo is managed. X

Hey, I’m glad you finally have some answers hun. Make sure you get plenty of rest and take it easy for a bit xx

lizzyxx in reply to princessk09

Thanks hun xx

Very glad you have got some answers for your pain. Hope your recovery is going well. X

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